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The Last Of Us Survival Guide: Listen Mode

GamerSyndrome writes: Understanding the many gameplay mechanics of The Last Of Us is going to be one of the most important things to do in the game: fighting all enemies in the game will only lead you to an early grave. Stealth is the key and prior information on the enemies’ capabilities and positions will prove to be more important than ever. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

GentlemenRUs  +   389d ago
Listen Mode is good for new comers to the game, But if you want a true experience...

Try to play without Listen Mode, It get's a hella lot scary that way! (Did the whole game without it, Hard enough even on normal).

EDIT: Or is that how it works? I don't know because I turned it off before starting it on friday =/
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Inception  +   389d ago
Yeah, i beat the game on normal without listen mode, and it's very tense. Now i replay it on hard diff without listen mode too.

But i think listen mode is not an overpower / gamebreaking ability. It really help on MP, even though we can only use it for two or three times before the gauge fill again.
JackBNimble  +   389d ago
you already beat the game? How many hours did that take you?
I just bought it off psn (still DLing) as we speak.
GentlemenRUs  +   389d ago

Think it took me like 10-13 hours but the game was made to last 10-16 hours on singleplayer.

All I can say is, You got a lot coming your way!
Inception  +   389d ago
16 hours with stealth and eksploring the area collecting some tags, comics, or notes.
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wastedcells  +   389d ago
I agree. I'm not using it. Feel like it takes away from the immersion. But it's there for people who like that sort of thing.
Bruce_Wayne  +   389d ago
I agree that it takes away from the tension. I was at the part in the dark subway with Ellie and Tess and that was the last time that I used Listen Mode. It's much more exciting and frightening when you're not using it. As a matter of fact, I somewhat regret using it. :(
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SanMarco  +   389d ago
Haven't used it once.
SSJBen  +   389d ago
How to enjoy The Last of Us the way it is supposed to be enjoyed -

Hard Mode + No Listen Mode.

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