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National Surveillance Agency: Looking At Google Glass, Xbox One Through The NSA's Prism

Definitely not a good time to be touting your "always-listening" video game console. On May 21, Microsoft unveiled their long rumored Xbox One (or 720/Durango depending on what rumors you followed) along with what media features and abilities contained in the new system. Among them were the new Kinect's always-listening feature, letting users turn on the device simply by saying "Xbox on." (Xbox One)

SpinalRemains  +   561d ago
National Surveillance Agency?

That's what it should be called.
Good call.

This really is such a strange coincidence between the prism story breaking, the guy running away to China and then MS reveals this insidious camera.
The timing couldn't possibly be any worse, and anyone who thinks that this device will not be storing their meta data in NSA's super servers, are deluded at this point.

Its what they're doing. Its what Kinect is for.
Its going down.

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