Windows XP vs. Vista vs. Linux

Mike Ricciuti of CNET says Windows XP is "doomed" and that "most of us will likely be using Vista sometime in the near future" (see Microsoft: All roads lead to Vista). In contrast, Ina Fried of CNET writes that Windows XP may get another reprieve, the title referring to the fact that major computer manufacturers are slated to stop selling Windows XP in June. Who's right?

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wow4u3620d ago

I've been using Vista since the Betas. Never had an issue, it is stable, productive, featureful and good-looking.

SP1 installed without an issue. I'm not looking back.

Bladestar3619d ago

I am on the same situation here...but this may not be the best place to talk possitive about it.... hehe... this site has become one of the biggest anti microsoft site on the internet... the moment microsoft enter the console business that was the day that most Sony fans turn into windows haters...

Hell, they already started gathering their troops against Windows 7 (formerly known as Blackcomb and Vienna)... and is like 3 years away...

By the way, the only reason most of these haters like XP is because they are trying to convince people not to adopt vista... when Windows 7 comes out.. they will be telling people that Windows 7 sucks and that vista is the best OS on earth... XP history repeats again... if any of you remember windows haters play the same game everytime a new version of windows comes out... when XP came out it was the worst thing on earth.. they said windows 98 was the best...

druqs3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I just hate Windows because i know how good Linux is. I only use XP because many games require Windows. For all other things I use Linux because it beats the crap out of any Microsoft OS.

The_Engineer3619d ago

mike turdface from CNET, a MS owned site is touting vista as a success??

who woulda thunk it?? lol

Kulupoo3619d ago

Im a Linux fanboy.... so LINUX FTW
but windows Xp and vista r not that bad either... well they r not that good.. meh 6/10 for vista from me and 7/10 for XP

Fux4Bux3619d ago

If playing games on Vista didn't involve fighting the OS at every turn I'd be a lot more accepting of it.

jaja14343619d ago

Enh? The only game that I had trouble playing strait out of the box was my 5 year old coy of Sacrafic(still a damn cool game), so I'm not to sure why you would be having problems...

jaja14343619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Linux in all it's wonderfulness will never replace Windows/OSX no matter how much people want it to. I love Linux, hated it at first when my Advance Programming teacher made us start using it, but it takes time to learn. More time than most people are willing to invest when all they use their computer for is some basic word process/taxes/web related activities.

I would love to see Linux become more prominent, mostly because its free, but unless they make the whole system a lot more savvy for the average Joe who knows nothings about computers, it will never take off.