Ubisoft cuts Wii U support, expects price drop

Ubisoft has stated in their recent investors meeting that they will cut back support for the underperforming Wii U.

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a_bro1803d ago

sh*t...this is what patcher said.. UBISOFT did all they could

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sway_z1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Don't worry...Nintendo will sell a ton of Wii U's this holiday.

I have seen the games and they look fun, family friendly, and awesome. Even though I am getting PS4, Nintendo owns the casual market.


You're forgetting about the soccer Mom's & Dad's of kids under 14 who will see Xbox One/PS4 games as 'too mature'...

That demographic is still a huge market..Agree or not!

Wow! You disagree people must really hate Wii U...thought you were gamers, but you just want eye candy on everything, screw game play..yeh?

Cam9771803d ago

I'd love to agree with you, I really would, but the Wii U is in dire need of life. I honestly wish this console had more attention because we've had multiple companies cut back support for it and it is getting a more common trend. It obviously isn't very profitable. Moreover, this is terrible for the U in the long run, I fear it'll slowly fizzle out as Sony and Microsoft start advertising to the general public. The WII U sadly hasn't got very long, I really hate that too. What's worse is that the XBONE will probably do better.

Axonometri1803d ago

Agreed. It is sad that Nintendo is struggling so bad with the Wii U. I'm a parent, and prefer to have a console for the kids and other platforms for more mature gaming.

Xer0_SiN1803d ago

i respectfully disagree. the demographic is not huge. when it comes to my kids, i buy them whatever system THEY prefer, despite my disposition or feeling on the situation. because, after all, it is money well spent (to me) if they actually play the system. i asked time and time again if they want a wii u. straight up refusal, which i found kind of strange because they love their wii. i ask them why and they tell me no games they want and cause their friends dont have it. so that tells you something. ill ask again around christmas time but i doubt the stance will change.

Parapraxis1803d ago

All the good games for WiiU are coming out next year!
Informed consumers will wait.
I'll be getting Windwaker HD...and that's probably it.
Nintendo is screwing themselves by not having the games ready, and I can't blame devs for dropping support for a system due to poor HW sales.

mandf1803d ago

I don't hate nintendo i love them but I outgrew all their games but zelda. Who ever goes first usually makes a mistake. Lack of support at launch, Faulty hardware etc etc. All gamers should root for nintendo because they are a decent and honest company that cares for gamers. They are the gateway console into gaming. It may not be for you but the company is class and an icon to gaming.

MEsoJD1803d ago

It needs a price drop to $199 to have a chance... which is a huge drop, but would be the only way for me to be interested. Also the downloadable games policy needs to revised to have titles tied to account rather than system.

Campy da Camper1803d ago

I'm rooting for the WiiU. I love me some Mario and Zelda and Lego city undercover looks super cool. Gonna pick one up to hold me over this summer as I count down the days til ps4...tic...TOC.........tic... ....................TOC........

Mounce1802d ago

sway_z - You're getting your disagrees because most of the world see your kind of opinions, and those that derive from the Nintendo fanbase or Fanboys, as delusional, groundless.

the Soccer-moms and Soccer-dads buy things for their kids, yes. However, many of them especially ask "Why should I move up from a Wii to a Wii U?" Now here's the problem Nintendo is doing a bad job at focusing on. They DON'T have anything to tell those customers, those casual-parents, who wonder why they need to go from Wii to Wii U, why upgrade? Why pay the cash? For 'Better visuals, a screen-controller and games that Nintendo won't port to Wii as well as Wii U?

Not good enough. Same for actual Handheld gamers going "Why go from DS to 3DS?" The result was a GIANT price cut in order to make them instead say to themselves "Well, it's brand new, it's bloody fucking cheap, so why not?" - Nintendo will likely only gain giant momentum if they slash the price of the Wii U to garner sales.

The PROBLEM with that, even though it's the most likely? Nintendo can't 100% afford to do that decision again so they will do whatever they can before they have to give in and surrender to that plan. Cutting the price as they did the 3DS will make them go under in profits again.

Remember too, Last-gen? Those soccer moms got a PS2 because kids wanted a PS2. What makes you think that a kid wouldn't like the appeal of a PS4? Any kid that'd be "I want a PS3" the parent would go "FOR $600?! FUCK THAT! Wii?! That's cheap in comparison!" - *Grabs a Wii instead*

Next-gen? Well, let's just see what happens.

Hadoukameha1802d ago

Kids and casuals are a detriment to gaming as a legitimate art form. Quit your defense.

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Aceman181803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

wow i soooo didnt see this coming.

i'm not hating i'm genuinely shocked at this news ubisoft has always supported nintendo with games.

sway_z1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Too many haters calling themselves gamers around here!


That wasn't for you buddy...


avengers19781803d ago

Ubi was one of the only third parties supporting Nintendo, losing there support is bad, if Nintendo does not start preforming(especially from August with pikmin3). They are seriously in trouble.
Pikmin 3 August
Wonderful 101 September
Wind waker hd October
Donkey kong November
Mario 3d world December
Mario kart spring 2014
Smash bros (2014)
For Nintendo's sake they better have stronger sales

Triforce0791803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Hey ubisoft has now said after seing the show and the wiiu games they are positive it will do well and are fully supporting it this is old news already.

Ubisoft are fully supporting wiiu they said this in a tweet today or yesterday.

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Myst1803d ago

Aww damn I was hoping we'd get like a sequel or a bit of a prequel to ZombiU... :( well there goes my chances of that.

zielocz3k1803d ago

well we may see current/next gen port of ZombiU for other platforms and the sequel if it sell well

MrSwankSinatra1803d ago

this is not good, not good at all.

Triforce0791803d ago

Considering this article is old news already makes me laugh.

SIRHC131803d ago

Shit just got extra real with a side of potato skins!

MooseWI1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

I guess we will see if Nintendo exclusives can hold the platform up.. Wonder what Reggie is thinking.

Thatguy-3101803d ago

Nintendo exclusives can only do so much. The wii u doesn't have the fad that catapulted the wii to success so the system will have a hard time selling especially while new consoles loom.

MooseWI1803d ago

I was waiting in line today to pre-order my next console and saw the Wii U boxes sitting there priced at $350, and I was like.. "$50 more you get a PS4, and $150 more you get an Xbox One with Kinect..".