Killzone 2, Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet dated

From "According to the latest Sony Computer Entertainment UK release schedule PlayStation 3 gamers will have plenty to keep them occupied this autumn, with three massive titles hitting stores.

Scheduled for release in September are LittleBigPlanet and Killzone 2, with Insomniac Games' launch title sequel, Resistance 2, pencilled in for a November release."

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Violater3650d ago

"The titles are likely to go up against some heavy hitters from Microsoft, including Gears of War 2, Fable 2 and Banjo."

Wow OMG Banjo!!!!
we're dooooomed!!


MURKERR3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

like a phoenix ps3

sonarus3650d ago

hahaha was going to say the same thing about banjo but i kinda like banjo. I might actually get it if it is good. But banjo isn't a heavy hitter though.
Anyways like i said before R2 VS Gears 2 not KZ2 VS Gears 2. Resistance has another chance 2 redeem itself against Microsoft's juggernaut that is Gears. I am not so huge on shooters but i enjoyed gears a lot more than i enjoyed resistance 1. But i am rooting for R2 this time cus i overplayed gears way too much and i honestly can't play it again if i was paid lol.

If you listened to the game trailers GDC interview where they were talking about gears running on blu ray the PR guy actually already tagged resistance for a november release.

TheHater3650d ago

I was about to say the same thing about Banjo. LOl...But I already preorder all Resistance, Killzone, and LBP. I also preorder Fable and Gears Of War. I really don't think Banjo influence people to go out and buy a 360.

SIX3650d ago

Lets see what you got. I'm really jacked for this game.

The Killer3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

last year 360 had their storm which was

bioshock august (flop in sales and great game)
halo 3 september (success)
mass effect november (flop in sale and good game)

now for ps3 after 1 year of launch

GTp march-april (success with out a question, more than a million pre-order)
GTA4 april (success and will have more impact on ps3 than 360)
MGS4 june (success)
Haze (not known if it will be a success but a great title)

thats only the first wave
lets see the second wave

killzone 2 september (success)
littlebigplanet september (great game unknown success yet, its new IP)
resistance 2 november (success)
motorstorm 2 (success)

lets see 360 counter attack for this year

GTA4 april (success)
fable 2 summer (success but not a millions seller)
ninja gayden 2 summer (success)
gears of war 2 november (success)

so we have 8:4 into sony favor of great exclusives with the exception of GTA4.

yes i know some people will say 360 will have too human or alane wake but still we dont know when they release or enough info yet, also ps3 have more great games like "white night story" and "socom" and other games probably on the way but still we r not sure and dont have enough info!

sony will own this year by the number of great exclusives!! 360 had their chance last year and they lost it!! from now on ps3 only is getting better, i can say that to 360 also but 360 wont have the advantage that it had in 2007 with high price ps3 and lack of DEV's tools and crappy ports and rocky online gaming(PSN) unknown if blue ray will win or not bad image of ps3 and sony PR's the list goes on and yet that year ps3 sold more than 360.

i cant say more!

sonarus3650d ago

how was bioshock a flop? How much did it sell. I expected mass effect to do a lot better but games without mp seem to not do so well these days

ravinash3650d ago

KZ2 has been a long time coming, I really hope its all been worth it.

xhairs3650d ago

I like how their chance was....all halo.

Halo 3 was only a sales success, people complained of the single player to date that it was crap and focused solely for online play only. Not to mention GoW...can anyone say...Halo Junior? Crap they're even coming out with a 2nd one...can't wait to see another Gears of War fanatics show on MTV like last time...*yawn*

Anyways i support everything else you say -- but GTA 4 shouldn't be considered line-up on either side since it's multiplat now.

Silellak3650d ago

Mass Effect was not a flop in sales. It sold over a million copies.

Do you ever stop being wrong?

Glad to be a gamer3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Shame on you tut tut tut.

Bioshock has sold 2mil+ Masseffect has sold 1.8mill+ Fable sold 3mill+
which is the same amount mgs3 sold the last time i checked.

This makes them a success not only with the reviewers(97,91,85) but with the general gaming public.

As for Banjo and kazzooie(92) to this day is one of the best adventure game ive ever played.The first bk had everything.

Kameo a new rare ip was beautiful,innovative,great story and gameplay) atlhough bit short. I think with Rares stable of quality you would be mad to think that this wont sell well. Especially since the price drop making it more accessible to the younger genration.

whoelse3650d ago

Wow, this is good news! I was worried that it wouldnt come in September and it had been delayed till 2009!

Glad to be a gamer3650d ago

I know mgs 4 will most probably make me cave and get a ps3 but if not lbp will definately this games looks amazing.

Hope it does live up to the hype.

The Killer3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

but thats the truth, i even tried to make 360 image better than it is, with RROD is only increasing(because of the old models which didnt die last year are dieing this year and also the new models have around 15% RROD)!! ps3 is having home in this summer etc.

halo 3 i called it a success because it had huge sales and a lot of good reviews, i played it for 10 mins and the graphics wasnt that great at all, i didnt go through the story but i heard thats its short and can display less than 720P.

bioshock i called is a flop in sales because it was so great game and all reviews gave it high scores but didnt realize it potential in sale because it was on 360 and pc only, if they made it first 360 and ps3 then pc they would have made more money.

again guys thats just my opinion.
also if a game sells 1 million on 2 million console out there and another game sells 2 million from 10 million console, i call the first game is a more success!!!

Jeebs3650d ago

Sonarus: So true. Non-MP games seem to get a lot of slack these days. I however purchased Uncharted maybe 2 weeks ago and was blown away at how great the game was, and now I'm playing through Heavenly Sword and am lovin' every moment of it.

le killer3650d ago

and the 360 is a shooter console??? two of sonys biggest games are it's amazing how things change is'nt! anyway, i'm looking forward to resistance2, 60 player battles is what i want! does anyone know the player count for kz2?

Gamingskills3650d ago

What a Fanboy statement! How can you label games a success thats not even out yet. In all honesty there haven't been many PS3 exclusives that we can label a success. Hopefully that will change in 08 my PS3 is collecting dust. I always buy multiplatform games for 360. Cant wait till MGS4 comes out in June tho that will be a definite buy hopefully that will sell real well so developers will see that PS3 owners do buy games and not just movies.

cmrbe3650d ago

Correction. PS3 now has potential great FPS franchise in the league of other mega PS franchise like GT,FF,MGS ie the PS will be a more complete gaming system for every type of gamers.

lawman11083650d ago

and #2 lets see if PS3 owners even buy them. That seems to be a huge problem with that blue ray player.....nobody wants to buy GAMES

nitramn4g3650d ago

Where one of the greatest platformer games of all time. I even preferred them to Mario64 which was also great. I would not count Banjo out so fast.

LastDance3650d ago

I wouldnt count out banjo either ....if it were on the Wii...but its on xbox.. good luck.

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aiphanes3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

This will be great...and its a bit spread out....September for Killzone 2 and LBP and November for R2!!!

Gears of War 2 will probably be out in november also...but how can it stand up to a 60 play 8 way online co-op with multi campain Resistance 2? Only time will tell..and if Final Fantasy 13 comes out in december.....

All microsoft got is Gears of War 2...I wish them luck...

PlayStation3603650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Fable 2 seems dope as hell. However, I don't know about Banjo :/

Edit Below: I thought we were talking about exclusives.

Shankle3650d ago

Fallout 3 will kick Fable 2's arse.

chaosatom3333650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I think Sony was waiting for the right moment before unleashing.

Relcom3650d ago

I knew Resistance and LBP would come this year, Knowing Killzone is coming for sure this year makes me so happy

sak5003650d ago

What happend to PS3's summer blockbuster lineup?

leon763650d ago

The real question is what happened to x360 summer lineup, or what happened to 2008 x360 lineup????????

bumnut3650d ago

everyone seems to have gone quiet after you said that

butterfinger3650d ago

I have seen a November release date for Resistance 2 (11/4) and September for Killzone 2 and littleBigPlanet (9/1,9/2) on Gamestop's website since January. Maybe you didn't stop to think that Summer blockbuster wasn't just simply referring to these 3 games. Please take your flame bait to the open zone now.

SKullDugger3650d ago

I think you are in the wrong zone, MGS4 is a summer title and its a big one.

Drekken3650d ago

I think MSG4 and Socom are enough for my summer

HighDefinition3650d ago

is all anyone will need for the summer.

sonarus3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

lol 4get SOCOM. MGS4 owns june, Socom is the july toy, Hopefully something falls in august, then we have september goodies although i am sure 1 of the two will slip to october. effectively spacing out a fantastic line up.

@celly i was watching some footage of tekken 6 running on the arcade hardware and it looked fantastic. The animations have never been better. I am heavily siked for this game but it will probably be a late release. Bandai Namco seem to be focusing more on Soul Calibur right now

cellypower3650d ago

You still have tekken 6 and Valkyria Chronicles unannounced dates yet.

TheHater3650d ago

Socom, and MGS4 are coming out in the Summer. I don't think you need anything else on the ps3.

mikeslemonade3650d ago

There are other games coming like Wipeout HD.

jwatt3650d ago

When is the agency coming out, I'm really excited for that game.

kylo123649d ago

Socom is being released in September, which would make it a Fall release.

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UnblessedSoul3650d ago

Lol that's some serious competition