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PS4 official faq sheet

All the things you need to know about the PS4. From dimensions of the system. To HDD size. Price and overall specs. (PS4, Tech)

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KrisButtar  +   630d ago | Well said
HDD is removable and Region Free
Blackdeath_663  +   630d ago
i'm going to assume it's mechanical though it would be bad ass if it was a hybrid HDD half mechanical with SSD cache.also come with a head set which is cool. and finally "Since February 2013, the number of developers joining has increased from 126 to 505." that is a big increase in dev support
RevXM  +   630d ago

Id like putting in a SATA 3 SSD in my ps4 down the road though, my ps3 will be getting the hybrid treatment soon as finding a reasonably big Sata 2 SSD at a reasonable price wont ever happen and 3 is a mad waste of money as the ps3 can only handle Sata 2 speeds anyways.

Seagate momentus XT hybrid + ps3 = awesome.
We will see in time if high spec SSD + PS4 will do wonders. Hopefully SSD's will get much cheaper 1-2 years from now.
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dalibor  +   630d ago
What is the SATA speed for the PS4 HDD anyways? This faqing FAQ sheet did include that statistical stat. I'm guessing Sata 6 speed would be very nice if it does support that speed.
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DJMarty  +   629d ago
I already have a 750Gb hybrid/ssd in my PS3, great drive at a good price.
fossilfern  +   630d ago
The God's are kind!
Isis06  +   630d ago
In Icelandic kind means a sheep...
you comment is funny in my brain.
Kurt Russell  +   629d ago
I now speak 1 word of Icelandic. Thanks guys!
Tatsuya  +   630d ago
pre ordered mine from Amazon, because they are not selling it in my region.
ShabbaRanks  +   629d ago
were did u see that HDD is removable ?????
KrisButtar  +   629d ago
Shuhei Yoshida twitter account and popped up in other sites as well like IGN, GameSpot. Its kinda all over the web





Edit: added more links
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GraveLord  +   629d ago
Sony is our White Knight come to save us from the Devil.
Hozi  +   629d ago
hahahahaha...gotta love it!

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AJ Hartley  +   629d ago
" Hans, bubby! Im your white knight".
THE-COMMANDER  +   629d ago
PommyGit  +   630d ago
Missing info
Azurite  +   630d ago
CPU speed please :)
Mister_G  +   630d ago
It's a fast one ;)
hellvaguy  +   630d ago
No cpu is a slow laptop one from about 1-2 years ago (on the pc market). For example my gaming laptop from 1.5 years has a faster cpu but obviously cost a lot more ($1,500).

The cpu very fast say compared to last gen 7 years ago or compared to the WiiU.

Optimization will be it's saving grace.
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a_squirrel  +   630d ago
Just one of these are quite fast on Windows. Having 2 new, specialized cpus together? That's going to be nice. That's like getting FX-8350 performance with a lot less voltage.
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WhittO  +   630d ago
GPU & GDDR5 memory is more important on a GAMING MACHINE.
dalibor  +   630d ago
I thought that programs for PC's only take advantage of 4 cores max for the most part(for now). 8 cores is a lot and if properly used I'm sure it wouldn't have that much trouble running apps and games. Now if those 8 cores were running over 3ghz each damn that would be crazy. Remember it's not speed as much as the amount of cores now a days. If you have both that is the best combo ever. If I am wrong please correct me.
badz149  +   629d ago
8 core CPS was laptop CPU 1-2 years ago?
what? you make it sounds like 8 core was the norm in pc scene since 1-2 years ago which is NOT!
Agent_hitman  +   630d ago
I want to know the full specs of the CPU and the GPU..
Blackdeath_663  +   630d ago
they already said the gpu is capable of 1.84 Tflops so the clock speed is irrelevant as for the cpu though i hope its fast
a_squirrel  +   630d ago
I'm hoping that firmware updates can overclock it if needed (unless it's underclocked as it is)
Mister_G  +   630d ago
Drools :P
ApolloTheBoss  +   630d ago | Funny
I read it as "PS4 official fap sheet"

Yes. Some of those facts are quite fappable.
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Takwin  +   630d ago
You could at least do it onto the Xbone FAQ/fap sheet. It's about all it's good for.
YoungKingDoran  +   629d ago
I tried the Xbone fapsheet, you know, for something different - and I couldn't do it.
I just couldn't stay hard.
x5exotic   630d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
CaEsAr-  +   630d ago
Will the official PS3 headset works?
Drekken  +   630d ago
I would put money on YES.
bleachrulez  +   630d ago
PS4 Support Bluetooth so yes, it will work!
Virtual_Reality  +   629d ago
A headset is included in the bundle just in case.
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CaEsAr-  +   629d ago
No bro I mean the wireless gaming headset.
Mikeyy  +   629d ago
all your old headsets will work fine with PS4, only Microsoft is greedy enough to not let any headset manufactured before 2013 work with their console.
ANIALATOR136  +   630d ago
it has a blue light on it. Sold!
mochachino  +   630d ago
I know, evokes memories of one of the greatest consoles of all time, the PS2.
IRetrouk  +   630d ago
Thats what i thought when i first seen it last night, just reminds me of the ps2, i like.
NeloAnjelo  +   630d ago
monkey602  +   630d ago
Will existing headsets work? My trittons are still new
vigilante_man  +   630d ago
All headsets should still work. They are referring to a mono one that connects to the DS4 controller like the 360 does.
jp_footy2  +   630d ago
I wonder if Microsoft or Sony will do digital only SKUs for $50 cheaper?
torchic  +   630d ago
jp_footy2  +   630d ago
dalibor  +   630d ago
Why would you want digital only? I feel like a system loses impact for retro gaming when it's digital only. What happens when the online service is gone? You're screwed to an extent. Having both disks and digital is the way to go and does not restrict gamers choices for what they want. Remember disks can be played on any of the said system where as digital is confined to that hdd and if that goes well damn that is a bugger. And you get to keep games forever if they are on disks.
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HurstDarkStar  +   630d ago
I bet the first time sony workers were like was it really this easy to make our customers happy?
kaz turns and just nods
titletownrelo  +   629d ago
Kaz is da shit!

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LoveOfTheGame  +   630d ago
Am I the only one that thinks this thing looks like a Xbox one but as a parallelagram, how the hell do you spell that? But, how a console looks doesn't matter, especially after they showed this thing right PS fanboys lol.

Also why are both companies sticking it to UK, aren't both companies charging a lot more for it in the UK?
Isis06  +   630d ago
I liked the look but I'm not getting one...
not paying for online.
I would have liked it even more if they would have made the glossy quarter like the others.
LoveOfTheGame  +   630d ago
I'm not against the look either, it's weird but not bad.

Lot of people not liking that new pay wall, some people I know are jumping ship to xbox because of it. Kinda weird since they also charge.
Isis06  +   629d ago
Really, do you know someone that is buying a Xbox One?
Not buying One should be a statement from a consumer to the corporations! People are strange. But if someone is weird that's not cool until he's got a lot of money. Then he is just strange.
Tatsuya  +   630d ago
PS4 is one sexy beast!
Here's hoping for PS4 game bundles! I think the console itself looks expensive and high class.
PANTHER1030  +   630d ago
PS4 is more cheap, more powerfull, Not DRM, NOT second hand restrictions, NOT always online, IS region free, Its HDD is upgradeable and my Plus subscription will works for PS4 ( Driveclub will be for free), games like FF XV, KH3, Destiny, Killzone, The Order, The division, Infamous. PS4 IS AMAZING, THE SONY'S E3 IS EPIC.
FITgamer  +   630d ago
Its cool how small it is. Its slimmer than any of the current gen systems and smaller in width and slightly bigger in length than the PS3 slim. I know it's small, but glad to see they are shipping the system with an HDMI cable. I remember when i bought my PS3 i got home to find out i needed one and had to make a 20 minute drive back to BestBuy to get one.
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Aghashie  +   630d ago
I am not happy w the pay to play online. I know the PS+ service is great, but still...

Also... waiting for Sony to show or demo what the camera does. I know there is a camera, but where is the footage? If there any? I was expecting Sony to talk about it during e3, but I guess I have ho luck.

There is doubt in my heart.

superterabyte  +   630d ago
£54 controller come on man WTF that's so far from $59 in fact today's conversion is £37. I want answers i'm so pissed and just as I was getting over both the massive differences in microsoft's and sony's console prices between dollar and pound.

I want a sufficient explanation. I mean the camera is also $59 but its only £44 (yeah only lol). I fucking love Sony but why am I being fleeced like this I bought all first party exclusives and every console and handheld.

And don't give me the tax BS it still doesn't add up right not nearly
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despair  +   629d ago
it'll probably be discounted by retailers like current controllers.
jamz4  +   629d ago
Absolutely spot on. A console in America selling for $400 is selling for $550 here, how is that justifiable?
nevin1  +   629d ago
lol@ $60 controllers.
ame22  +   629d ago
Contrary to what they stated back in Feb, it doesn't look like the camera comes in box.
pimpschitz  +   629d ago
Can't wait. Gonna be a great decade of gaming people, and with the cloud this is just the beginning . . .

Did you guys even see that public event on "The Division" and "Destiny?"
TBONEJF  +   629d ago
only one question sony can we upgrade the hard drive up too 1TB? and please let there be only one model. having two is too much.
Der_Kommandant  +   629d ago
That machine is from the future.
jamz4  +   629d ago
The controller is rrp £54? What the shit? We're getting robbed over these new consoles in europe
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mrmarx  +   629d ago
the "faq" is PS4 is better than xbone. :)
sync90  +   629d ago
I don't give a shit about all that tbh. i just want one of those fuckers underneath my led tv.
Magnus  +   629d ago
I wonder if I can use my PS3 controller on the PS4?
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madara0sama  +   629d ago
Most likely not.
sync90  +   628d ago
Why would you want to??? The ds4 rocks!
vikMage  +   629d ago
More like fab sheet!
madara0sama  +   629d ago
Now the only thing I need to know is will my Trophies transfer over.
just_looken  +   629d ago
They have stated it will be like the vita its all on 1 account on 3 platforms. Like right now i have vita/ps3 trophies when i scroll through my trophies list by next year i will have ps4 trophies in that list hell yeah. Oh friends list work aswell cross platform.
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