Twitch CEO's Thoughts on Xbox One Twitch Support

Dan wrties - "The Xbox One will support Twitch live streaming, but what does the Twitch CEO have to say about this?"

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AutoCad2017d ago

this is cool..will use this alot while playing sports games.

AntoineDcoolette2017d ago

Oh snap twitch tv support!? I'd like that on PS4 tbh : l

colonel1792017d ago

MS did their conference exactly as a gaming conference should be done: Game after game after game.

You can judge the games whether you liked them or not, but the conference was stellar. I've never liked how Sony does montages for games instead of having at least trailers for each one just like MS have done this time.

This is an example of a great conference. I was only interested in few titles like Killer Instinct and Titanfall. Too bad the Xbox One has so many restrictions. I said in the past that a KI would make me buy a 360, but it won't definitely make me buy an Xbox One because the DRM stuff.

However, MS did a great job, and although I'm rooting for Sony and the PS4, I recognize that it was a really impressive showing.

AutoCad2017d ago

They wasnt lying bout E3 is about games..
loss of audio of videos will get criticized by ppl but it happens lol overall it was a awesome show.cant wait for later and see what sony has in store.

OlgerO2016d ago

Yeah its good to know that they care about gamers, but im really feeling that sony can top this

airgangstarr2017d ago

i thought this would happen its a tough time for gamers especially xbox fans its hard to not be excited by the e3 conference but at the same time with all there restrictions how do u support such a console... i live in new jersey an last year when the hurricane hit we had generators but this new xbox woulda been usesless because i couldnt connect to the internet an cell service with no power that shit dont work either so much for ur hotspot theory... rockband an other games got us through the 2 weeks with no power

2016d ago
Limit7602016d ago

I'm Extremely excited to see exactly what features will come with this. I love live streaming, and im glad i can buy a console and have it built in!

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