10 reasons why the Wii will continue to dominate in 2008

Nintendo has begun 2008 aggressively, like a company that really means business. After hinting that it would stagger its major releases so that players could digest each one properly before moving onto the next, the firm went ahead to confirm that (in North America at least), Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit would arrive together in a proximity best described as an overdose in gaming goodness.

But what of the rest of the year as far as the Wii is concerned? With this year's E3 likely to bring us further details, Nintendic has compiled a list of what it knows Nintendo to have up its sleeve for the coming months, both for the core and casual audience, providing evidence as to why the motion-sensing console's unstoppable momentum will continue throughout the year

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TheTerminator3677d ago

um, some games and a way to download games. wow.

ruibing3677d ago

Yeah, it's a very weak list of games for 2008. But then again most Wii owners only play Wii Sports.

NO_PUDding3677d ago

I agree... Wii really seemed to lose sight of it's original fanbase.

I am an avid Sony supporter, as many 360 owners would hypocritically claim, but despite what Nintendo owners say (and everyones dislike for Nintendo owners) I think they aren't very happy. And why shoudl they be? They ahve boguht this console expectign soemthign different.

I hope for the summer, for their sake, Nintendo will sue their new found popularity (and with that comes profits) to get some decent Third Party games for those owners.

Atleast so as to not alienate them if next generation they can't repeat the Wii.

mikeslemonade3676d ago

Looks like Super Smash and Wiifit is all im going to buy. The other games sucks. I pity that day of crisis game cause it's just last gen version of all the shooters on PS3 and 360. Punch could be fun but I doubt it.

Oom3677d ago

Brawl will only last so long....

crck3677d ago

and if Wii owners are happy good for them. But I ain't giving Nintendo a dime this generation.

Mr Tretton3677d ago

blah blah blah

how many of these 'top reasons' blogs (not news, BLOGS) can one sane person stand?

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The story is too old to be commented.