Intel and Microsoft fund $20M grant to reinvent computing

"Intel and Microsoft said last week that they planned to finance two groups of university researchers to start over and design a new generation of computing systems intended to break the industry out of a technological cul-de-sac that threatens to end decades of performance increases in computers.

If the research efforts succeed, this would enable the development of new kinds of portable computers and would help computer engineers tackle areas as diverse as speech recognition, image processing, health care systems and music. For example, a music professor at the University of California-Berkeley, David L. Wessel, envisions a new era of digital musical instruments that would begin to match the rich versatility of acoustic instruments like violins and pianos."

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Wicked Sick3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

This is old, already posted.

Phil Harrison Mkllll3767d ago

They didn't Reinvent the Console market like SONY did&have!!! ;-D

DeadlyFire3767d ago

Does this mean that the x86 arcutecture that has been around forever is going to change?