The Matrix Online Gears up for Third Anniversary Events

From the article: "SOE is gearing up to run a special bout of third anniversary events for its MMO, The Matrix Online, beginning March 20th and concluding on April 3rd. This includes new in-game events as well as special items and player parties. Read the full press release below for detailed info."

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sonarus3621d ago

yea me neither. But i am a huge matrix fan. if they released it for the 360 or ps3 i could check it out

Thepro3183621d ago

sony need make ps3 version drop on PSN for downloading

JelalTrueshot3621d ago

I played it a while under Monolith's reign as developer and it was alright. A lot of bugs and whatnot. Player events were a joke mostly because it involved crowds of people surrounding gm-played characters and slogging the servers to molasses. Of course, then you had the dumb folk who would just harass the gm-characters, making them leave much to the anger of the rest of the playerbase. Under SOE, I have heard they revamped the combat system (don't know if it is like SWG's CU at all).

Skerj3621d ago

Surprised it's still going, I was hardcore into it prebeta and during beta. Made friends with Monolith's devs and some folks from WB Interactive, then a few months after its release the community just. ..died. I do kind of miss it sometimes though, maybe I should take a peek to see how it has evolved over the past 3 years.

xionpunk3621d ago

Whoa, didn't know this was still alive. I always liked the idea of it though, but I can't commit to paying a subscription fee (blah!) so...Anarchy Online for me.