New Game Set in Legacy of Kain Universe in the Works

Last month, a Steam and AMD driver update leak revealed a new game entitled Nosgoth, which was rumored to be a Legacy of Kain sequel. Square Enix has now confirmed that Nosgoth will be a multiplayer game set in the Legacy of Kain universe. More details are to be uncovered at E3, but a lot of the other details are in the dark for now.

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AceofStaves2017d ago

I've waited so long for this. This is fantast- wait...


No, thanks.

-Ikon-2017d ago

Also check off the list no Amy Henning or even Crystal Dynamics

Somebody2017d ago

Age of Empires is back, hell yeah...wait, it's an F2P.

Mechwarrior is rebooted with new engine....wait, it's an F2p.

Diablo 3 is back!!! But it's a online only and transaction heavy affair.

Ubisoft is rebooting Silent Hunter...wait, it's an F2P.

Command and Conquer Generals will have a sequel...oh, it's an F2P now, along with future iterations.

Simcity is rebooted...

The original developer of Homeworld are making a new game...which will be an F2P title.

Ghost in the Shell will finally grace PC gamers' an F2P.

The PC will proudly be the first(presumably) to use the Unreal 4 engine in a Fortnite...which is a F2P.

Now, the Legacy of Cain universe will be an F2P.

Just what are these PC developers doing/thinking/smoking? I'm a loyal PC gamer but I'm more excited from what console developers are doing for the PC instead of the PC devs! The console devs are bringing Devil May Cry, Mortal Kombat, Castlevania and Metal Gear Revengeance to the PC but PC devs only have F2Ps to show.

ifritAlkhemyst2017d ago

How in the... who in the... what in the F'in hell convinced them that the gamer niche that cherishes this series ever had the slightest desire in a multiplayer LoK game?

Genki2017d ago

I'm not too confident in an LoK without Amy Hennig's involvement, but maybe they'll surprise me.

arkard2017d ago

Maybe if it is an mmo. The LoK universe would be rich story wise and location variety for an mmo.

doi2017d ago

No MMO of LoK please!

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