Metro: Last Light - Sensitive Media vs Sensitive Content

Daav Valentaten discusses sensitive content in games and the heightened awareness of media on the Videogamer Network. While other, more spotlighted titles may have been shot down before release, the stealthy Metro: Last Light was able to release a game with topics like violence, abuse and rape without being scalded and in return showed proof that this can be done in games in a correct manner. Let's hope this opens up the discussion of inclusion, rather than exclusion.

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ShabbaRanks1958d ago

That was the best virtual titties giggling I’ve seen in a video game so far lol… didn’t like the face of that stripper too much thought, but good giggle ;)

I can’t believe I already finished Metro :( wish it was a bit longer. Such a good game

BlackTar1871958d ago

how long. Im a bout an hr in on hardcore original(didn't have pre order)

Im having a blast right now. Sucks if its short

ShabbaRanks1958d ago

about 16hrs on hard ( not ranger hard -_- ), but I loved it so much I hoped it was longer x)

I got the season pass for like 11bucks on the PSN can't wait to see the new missions

ChipChipperson1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I beat the game in roughly about 14-15 hours and that included exploring a majority of levels for any hidden caches and extras, listened to most NPC conversations and I also played stealthily through most of the game. It's definitely much, much better compared to most FPS games out now. It definitely could have had a few more chapters, like Khan could have had more parts when he is accompanying Artyom and maybe a few more parts exploring the surface. Other than that, the game is still one of my favorites for this year.

cleft51958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I think this proves more that because their game didn't have a lot of mainstream press it got away with this. If a game like GTA5 comes out with similar topics, even toned down a little, it will get crucified. Just because the mainstream press will make a bigger deal out of it then it really is.

Either way, I love Metro Last Light.