How to Fix Remember Me Crashes, Freezes and Other Errors

Unigamesity writes: "Remember Me is one of the most anticipated games of the year and everybody is extremely excited now that the game has been released. Unfortunately, there are some players who experience all sorts of trouble when playing Remember Me, crashes and freezes of the game ruining the experience while other random errors make it difficult to play."

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bad naruto1958d ago

one of the downsides of PC gaming.

Eldyraen1958d ago

Advantage: when a game is broke, needs patched, etc there is a fix much faster than console versions. Half the time don't even have to wait for devs to do it for you.

But yes there is always some portion of PC users that get a raw deal out of it. Be it from poor optimization for some hardware, user error (playing it above what PC can handle), etc. Not all console games are perfect either (but uniform hardware makes it much, much rarer and exclusives for any platform is typically most stable). At this point in a console's cycle its just that much rarer to see problems come up.

CustardTrout1958d ago

Yeah, mine ran fine on my Sexbox 360; PC gaming needs something to nerf it anyway...
In other words:
Ner ner mine works.

NameRemoved00171958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

No crashes for me and I'm running it maxed 60fps, enjoy your 30 fps POS quality game topped with a layer of jagged lines my friend.

brich2331958d ago

The game hasnt crashed on me yet or given me errors. But I do see Framerate drops. Game is not optimized well in certain areas. At 1080p with high settings i get 100FPS with Vysnc off but they game stutters at times. I play with an Amd 7770

Ashunderfire861958d ago

Some time it has to do with the whole AMD and Nvidia fiasco. Take Tomb Raider and Metro Last Light for example, one game works better with AMD and the other works better with Nvidia. I really hate that crap with both companies.

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