How Gameplay And Story Intertwine In Virtue's Last Reward

Gamasutra: ''Outside of fans of obscure Japanese games, Virtue's Last Reward gets short shrift. It's a shame, because its writing and game design are extremely nuanced. Virtue's Last Reward does an incredible job of intertwining gameplay and story together into a whole, exposing the strength of the Japanese visual novel genre.

Some say visual novels -- stories told via text and images -- aren't really games, but in director Kotaro Uchikoshi's view, this view of "game" is too narrow.''

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OrangePowerz1784d ago

I love that game, only got to play it because it was free with PSN+ otherwise I wouldn`t have known about it. It`s an underrated game.

ApolloTheBoss1784d ago

Wish it would be free in the States. I tried the demo but It didn't do the game any justice, way too short. I know this game is good and I'll play it at some point.

b_one1784d ago

nice game, tension is beyond the roof wheny you try to think about others and other possible puzzles you missed :) gettin it for free, LOVE SONY

TheLastGuardian1781d ago

It'll be free for NA Plus members later this month. :)

matrixman921784d ago

cant wait for the 3rd one!

-Gespenst-1784d ago

How many times do I have to google search "Virtue's Last Reward sequel" for information to come up!! I'm even more excited for it than I was for VLR after I played 999.

I love these games, and though the dialogue can be a bit cheesy and even cringy (rarely), and the plot can be based on pretty basic ideas while treating them like the most advanced stuff ever (i.e. Shrodinger's Cat, a theory which most physicists are embarrassed by) they're still so compelling and addictive, atmospheric, intriguing, and tightly written (if a bit convoluted sometimes seemingly for its own sake). The story is just such a puzzle and its a joy to decode it all. The characters are well realised too. The sense of satisfaction from 100% understanding the plot is just awesome.

The third and final game is going to be amazing. Although I hope **SPOILERS AHEAD** the secret ending didn't mean to imply that the "player" is the unknown variable. That'd be hella cheesy, and would make so little sense.

For one, why would they send the player's consciousness to Point C and Kyle's consciousness to Point A? This means that when the third game begins, the "player's" body that has now been occupied by Kyle's consciousness isn't the player at all, but completely ignorant. Kyle doesn't know a thing about what happened in VLR (he was asleep the whole time in the main timeline, since Akane put him in the pod and got in his Robot suit), but the unknown variable / player does (which is the main reason people think it's the player.) What would be the point of sending the completely ignorant Kyle back to what is supposedly the player's body? We the actual player know exactly what happened in VLR, but Kyle doesn't, so it couldn't be the case that the unknown consciousness that appears in Kyle's body at point C is the player- because that would essentially signify that OUR OWN consciousness as the player is trapped in another time, and unable to participate in the third game, but obviously that won't be the case, and it'd be stupid if it was.

Nah, that'd be a dumb plot twist, and would spoil the series if you ask me. I think the body that has received Kyle's consciousness is a character from 999 with special abilities that make them an "unknown variable" that entered the Crash Key's "closed system". I'd prefer to see a familiar face, not a dumb meta plot twist that isn't smart and is also nonsense. It'd imply an infinite regression- a player (us) exists beyond their plane of existence, and because their world is just like our own, it implies there's also a "player" of our own world too, and on and on forever. That's dumb and kind of defeats any value or morality the game tries to espouse, because the meaning of each world is deferred infintely to another- deferred to a player, then to a meta-player and on and on.

The game merely metatextually comments on player agency, but I don't think it has any bearing on the plot. Anybody who thinks that would be cool is an Inception loving pillock. A smart movie for dumb people.

takohma1784d ago

I liked the game but (spoiler alert) Dio's role and brotherhood organization kind of felt out of place for the rest of the story. This one was my fist 999 game and I platinum it. I'm not sure if I will play the last one. Chances are great if its a Vita release though.

Inception1784d ago

You should check siliconera interview with Uchikoshi. He gave the hint who will be appear again in the third game:

And event though your theory about secret ending is make sense, but i think the 'unknown variable / consciousness' is the protagonist from the third game who ocupied Kyle's body.

Uchikoshi will explaining The brotherhood organization on the third game. Just like Phi who still have a lot of mystery to clear up.

-Gespenst-1784d ago

Hmmm, well I don't think it'll be the protagonist, but I think Kyle's consciousness is now in the body of a character we'll probably recognise (from 999) just before the outbreak of Radical-6.

What I don't get is why they'd put Kyle's consciousness, a consciousness completely ignorant of all the events of VLR (Because he was asleep) in the body of someone just before the outbreak. Sigma and Phi will know as much as is possible, but this mystery person won't- well, the mystery person WOULD know everything like them if their consciousness hadn't been thrown to a useless point in the future (The point just after Sigma and Phi's consciousnesses were thrown back to point A to relive their lives and accrue knowledge before being sent back again to stop the outbreak)

I don't know though. There's a lot of loose ends:

It's hinted that Akane knows how to send people through time embodied without incurring a paradox (i.e. two of the same consciousness can't exist at the same time because then one person would be experiencing two bodies at once) so that'll probably figure in the plot somehow.

There's also Phi, her name of which Uchikoshi has hinted is significant- Probably meaning it's got something to do with the Golden Ratio. And of course there's the fact that she's an "x-factor" whatever that means.