Microsoft Releasing XP3 This Week

Engadget writes:

"XP may not EOL until this June, but that doesn't mean it's not in need of the same kind of tender lovin' update packs as OSes of every variety occasionally receive. And according to CRN, the long awaited XP SP3 could be due out as early as tomorrow, or possibly later this week. We'll keep an eye out -- we know it's hard to let XP go."

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Blasphemy3920d ago

I am already using the beta for XP and does speed up my PC a bit.

Kakkoii3920d ago

Same for me. Benchmarks have been posted showing this also.

(And boo to the Disagree troll who disagreed you.)

TheIneffableBob3920d ago

"Update: We hate to be the bearers of bad news but we've already heard that things might not be so optimistic for such an early release. Sources tell us that there still might be some show-stopping issues with SP3 that could prevent it from staying stable (and thus seeing immediate rollout). We'll be watching, as always."

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33920d ago

...more things going to go wrong :-/

SlaughterMeister3920d ago

Hasn't SP3 been out for months now?

I'm running it on my other computer right now.

It didn't say anything about Beta.

Kakkoii3920d ago

It's and RC2. Which is a term for a beta.

When it's officially finished, then they will stick it in windows update so it shows up automatically for everyone with windows update on.