So, Microsoft Is “Going to Kill Sony at E3”…

Craig Davidson, the director of global marketing at Microsoft said to IGN Spain that the “Xbox One will surprise the world during E3... We will kill Sony at E3″. With that, the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan discuss what MS could do to dominate E3 2013.

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Foolsjoker1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

...with laughter.

Enemy1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

"We will kill Sony at E3."


Microsoft gonna summon COD dog and record the whole thing with Kinect while you aren't looking. Then use 24 hour checkin to secretly grab the footage and upload it on their servers.

BeZdaBest1426d ago

didnt you know..

hitler has alot riding on this..

Boody-Bandit1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Foolsjoker & doctorstrange

When I saw the title to this article the first thing that came to mind was laughter.

MS has about as much chance at doing what this title reads as I do of hitting the lotto. They need to focus on how to sell this huge change of direction to their consumers before even considering eyeballing any other manufacturer in the industry.

Sony is probably asking themselves, what were MS thinking? But at the same time saying, THANK YOU!

Army_of_Darkness1426d ago

the return of MILO. I always knew that virtual boy was gonna grow up dysfunctional the moment I heard he was gonna have various types of owners;-)

rainslacker1426d ago

Except now we're Milo....

ABizzel11426d ago


LMAO funniest gifs EVA'.

Almost as funny as "MS Going to kill Sony at E3".

pixelsword1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

@ rainslacker:

Very insightful.

I can't predict the future, but if I am to take the direction of what the past has shown me and make a trajectory of both the direction and assumed momentum of both conferences, Microsoft would have to have something along the lines of a Killzone 2-level event happening for launch for them to begin to pull that off in terms of games.

Even then, if all DRM rumors are accurate, then it won't matter, because the X1 will be as affective swaying other countries as American Country Music (which means not very effective at all).

Freedomland1425d ago

1 will kill 4?

I think they are playing too much Sniper Ghost Warrior lately.

Ares84HU1425d ago

If they want to do that than they have to announce that the Xbox One reveal was a joke and they just did that to confuse the competition and now they will announce the new xbox that doesn't need to log-in online every 24 hours, kinect free, don't have to pay for used games and TV and skype is just an aftertought with the main focus on games. Than they would have to show at least 5-10 brand new insane looking AAA games and announce that xbox live is now free. Than they would have a chance at what they stated.

Honestly, hell has a better chance of freezing over.

SHORYUKEN1425d ago

Not a chance.

Keep on dreaming M$.

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Arai1426d ago ShowReplies(10)
Pintheshadows1425d ago

I think my girlfriend wants to sleep with him. She can get in line.

cell9891425d ago

Mark Cerny will single handily take out MS, all he needs to show is THE GAMES!!!

showtimefolks1425d ago

lol MS all i have to say is do better than may 21st

Psn8001425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

It's all hotting up to probably the best E3 in the history of gaming .
They wound Sony up now to much with Ms saying wait until E3 but Sony Say's Bring It On !

daedra1425d ago

no how about with more and better games, more sophisticated hardware than sony can come up with

OlgerO1425d ago

The only way that they could kill the PS4 is by releasing the console for 299. ( or even 199 ) THis would really make it impossible for PS4 to outsell the system

Leio1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

That would be equal to economic suicide. Not to mention the other party can do the exact same thing when they are desperate.

Lower price is not a good first hand strategy for any form business and would never benefit in the long run.

DonFreezer1425d ago

With seriousness ps drones with With seriousness.

StraightPath1425d ago

I have bashed the Xbox One for its reveal just as anyone else, but continuing for this long just shows that your a fan boy. Calm down pro Sony nerds we will wait for E3 and see if MS redeem themselves then we can discuss further if MS did the right thing or not.

For the record as of now I am definitely getting the PS4 over the Xbox one even though along the line when price cheaper and when is affordable for me will also be picking Xbox One up to play its exclusives games.

Stop being fan boys you can not be a real gamer without owning all platforms to play all the games available for each platform.

Microsoft would have to have an megaton E3 showing to persuade me to buy a Xbox one over PS4 initially. Which I think will be very hard to do with the damage done already but lets wait and see.

TheLEGENDofTydo1419d ago

Im a real gamer and i have never touched an xbox. Why would i touch anything that is made by a company that only cares about money. You may call me a Sony fanboy but i call myself a gaming fanboy and xbox is not gaming. Sony actually shows passion in what they do which is games!

otherZinc1425d ago

M$'s conference was pointless to the net, as its a SONY heavy crowed. Just as this biased article illustrates, I'll explain:

This article dissected the potential game releases of the XBOX ONE. Do the same for SONY after their conference and what do they have:

Knack...You mean to tell me people are excited for this, yet criticize XBOX ONE games...please.

Killzone...a Halo killer that never was...please.

Infamous...oh, this is system seller...please.

And a Car game...with no game play...please.

Everything else is multiplat, so, now what? See, thats the reality.

M$ put more into Halo than SONY has put into its entire exclusive lineup. M$ has a stable of games on the way and everyone knows it.

You guys forgot why M$ was so successful: it was the XBOX Live integration, that Reveal demonstrated XBOX Live to the 10th Power. Not only that, M4 used Forza 5 during the demonstration, letting people know we can do what we want while playing games.

M$ doesn't have much to prove;
SONY does!

T21425d ago

Haha so you troll Sony games by offering what in rebuttal ? Halo and a mention of forza ... So you presume that Sony will anounce exactly 0 new games at e3 but Microsoft will show 15 AAA exclusives running on the xbone? Wow just wow , and your proof ?
" ms has a stable of games coming everyone knows it" ... Lol

TheLEGENDofTydo1419d ago

You abbreviate Microsoft like "M$"... enough said.
Microsoft wants "$" and doesn't give a shit about you. Sony is Passion, And are you seriously talking exclusives... Sony has always had more exclusives that Microsoft and better ones. And Xbox doesn't really have Halo anymore because Bungie ran from Microsoft when there contract was up. Microsoft is money, Sony is Passion!

xxLuckyStrike1425d ago

Brought to you by Trolling4hits

titletownrelo1425d ago

PS4 fanboy:"wow, these rumors for the Xbox 720
sound horrible!"

720 fanboy:"shut up and wait till the reveal."

PS4 fanboy:"Damn, Xbox One looks and sounds awful!"

ONE fanboy:"shut up and wait till E3"

PS4 fanboy:"Meh, not impressed. PS4 wins."

ONE fanboy:"shut up and wait till next gen"

aceitman1425d ago

I peed my pants on this .

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sherimae24131426d ago

guys its a mistranslation what ms wants to say is:

" microsoft will KISS sony at E3"

fermcr1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

KISS means (K)eep (I)t (S)imple, (S)tupid.

Microsoft needs to apply that principle to the X1.

andibandit1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

well atleast they got that last (S) under control.

Sarobi1426d ago

I don't think Kaz or Jack would be down for that... Although I can really imagine Don being down for that idea.

Freedomland1425d ago


I don't know what are you trying to say here but as far as I' am concerned Microsoft is considering it " A Kiss of Death ".

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yesmynameissumo1426d ago

He knows what his company revealed on the 21st, right?

Foolsjoker1426d ago

I think he's been drinking the Kool-Aid for too long.

yesmynameissumo1426d ago

Drinking it? That fool probably has an IV hooked up.

doctorstrange1426d ago

Or smoking something a lot stronger

a_squirrel1426d ago

"Drinking it? That fool probably has an IV hooked up."
The power goes out too. #DealWithIt

xxLuckyStrike1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

ikno ikno... A controller an more sequels but that's awesome : /

The_Infected1426d ago

They will kill Sony with more TV than they could ever imagine.

Foolsjoker1426d ago

With hit shows like the return of Heroes...

KillrateOmega1426d ago

TVs left and right! TVs popping off in 4 dimensions!!

xxLuckyStrike1425d ago

Why is it that Sony fanboys troll MS TV feature so hard when all I see on PSN is people watching Netflix..

Urusernamesucks1426d ago

And if You thought Microsoft Wasn't Satisfied with the success of halo, They made TV series!!

Sharius1426d ago

WOW, they really mean it... be careful sony... the rocket science isn't for nothing

xbone will be bomb the E3!!!!!