Modern Games Need More Than Tight Mechanics And Pretty Graphics To Succeed

With a number of major releases failing to light up the charts this year, Dan Jenko suggests it’s no longer enough for developers to tick the usual boxes – and that creativity and innovation are needed to make an impact.

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andibandit2020d ago

They need Dogs and Fish AI.

DanJenkoFMV2020d ago

Particularly if those dogs are in motion capture suits.

Boody-Bandit2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Both you guys beat me to it.
When I saw the title the first thing that came to mind was, "than explain why COD is so popular the last several years." Especially considering the GHOST looks to be much the same next gen considering it's the same engine is being carried over.

I am really looking forward to next gen and I really am hopeful that the top tier developers will give us more than just a prettier wrapper with the same old game play mechanics.

Before last gen launch we heard things like almost lifelike AI, physics engine so real it will blur the lines of gaming and reality. Than we ended up with nearly the same types of games as the previous generation. Only a handful of developers really stood out. I'm looking for those same devs and even some more to step to the plate and actually blur those lines for real this time.

Rhomiel2020d ago

Can't wait for the The Last of Us!

venom062020d ago

the need a true new gen engine that isn't a damn tweaked version of one from 7yrs ago...

ufo8mycat2020d ago

Crysis 3 is proof of this. All graphics with average gameplay. Some sections were cool, like stealthing in and blowing up the dam, but 90% of the game was boring as hell.

And this is what has me worried about the new consoles. Will it just focus on graphics and forget about gameplay?