Next-Gen Vs GTA V: Blame Take-Two If GTA V Flops

TNB: The Grand Theft Auto series is arguably one of the biggest tittles in gaming history, right there behind Call of Duty and it's not surprising why the game has alot of loyal fans and creates alot of buzz any time the it is mentioned. GTA is a universally acclaimed franchise and sells in millions.

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Snookies121964d ago

How would it flop? I would be disappointed if there were no next-gen versions, but that certainly wouldn't do much to diminish sales of the game.

Yi-Long1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

First of all, IT'S GTA 5!!!

2nd of all, it only has one competitor in it's genre, which is Watchdogs, which looks promising, but is a completely new IP, so it lacks the brand-name GTA has... it's a Ubisoft game, so those who DO know about the game, know Ubisoft will also be releasing DLC for it, so I'll much rather spend my money on GTA5, enjoy that for 6 months orso, and I'll pick up a cheap complete GOTY-edition of Watch Dogs a year orso from now, from the bargain-bin.

Like I do with pretty much every game that tries to nickel-and-dime me with DLC-milking.

GTA5 will be one of the best selling games of the year. No doubt about it.

Ilovetheps41964d ago

I would think that Saints Row is more of a competitor than Watch_Dogs is. But, this genre isn't for me. I don't know why I don't enjoy it, but oh well. The game looks great for those that do enjoy GTA games.

Tonester9251964d ago

If GTA V is releasing on Next-Gen consoles in the future we have to see what other games are incoming after E3. I can't wait


personally I don't see how it will flop.

GTA is more then just a game. GTA5 will be the game that draws this current gen to it's conclusion.

there have been lots of amazing games this gen but I still think there are only a few that have a name that carries them beyond just the gamers. Cod has become one of them, halo is one of them but the name has faded just a little bit. GTA I think is still right up there. saints row, watch dogs, AC.. they are awesome games (watching looks awesome) but they still have not quite reached that cultural status that gta has.

San Andreas released the same year the 360 and ps3 launched the new gen starting didn't stop it. I am looking forward to next gen, but right now I am more hyped for gta then any next gen title i have seen so far. E3 may change that, but so far GTA is my no one game this year. second to it is Drive club.

Autodidactdystopia1964d ago

"It is physically impossible for GTA V to flop."

inveni01963d ago

WatchDogs lacks the cult appeal of GTA. The devs behind WD really need to step up adding flavor to the world, or the game will suck. It needs personality, and one good way to give it that is by injecting the pedestrians with a little bit of hot sauce.

PhantomT14121963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Or you can buy both of them. Considering how both Battlefield and Call of Duty look generic this year, I'd rather have two intersting open-world games than having to choose one OW game and one shooter...

And there's like a month and a half between the release of these two.

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Nafon1964d ago

I've been thinking of GTA V as I thought of GTA San Andreas. They are both sendoffs to the generation they were released on.

Many more people will have PS3 and 360 than people that have xbox One and PS4. And almost everyone with a PS4 and One will also have a 360 or PS3. They aren't going to miss out on the biggest game of the year just because it's not on the newest platform.

vishmarx1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

gta v =flop?
my head hurts
i just cant imagine how thats possible....
poeple will buy it even in apoclypse....
play it for 400hrs and then kill themselves after burying it...
so that when life reoriginates they can find out about how awesome gta v & and the race before them was

Abriael1964d ago

Reading this post was painful, besides the broken English, it's simply a feast of ignorance.

Current gen console have an immensely higher installed base than any next gen one will have for years.

Those consoles won't magically disappear from people's home.

GTA5 will sell just fine.

By the way, why do people approve this kind of stuff? Personal blogs are not a valid source for opinion pieces.

cruncher_201964d ago

Because people don't report bad post.

So basically you have three choices.
1. You accept that some bad posts make there way here.
2. You read all of them before they get approved and report the bad one so you will prevent such situation.
3. You go on website that are not monitored by the readers so information will be more "control". But could be bias... IGN, Gamasutra, Gamespot, etc...

Abriael1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

OR those that go out of their way to approve posts can start reading the rules, and reading the posts they approve in order to avoid approving posts that break such rules.

And if they don't, the mods should remove their approval rights. Do that a few times and they'll learn to read.

This is not just a "bad post", it breaks the rules of the site, as personal blogs are not considered a valid source for opinion pieces.

cruncher_201964d ago

I agree with you. I'm just saying that when moderation is supported by the readers these situations will happen. People are not getting paid to take their time to approve article and filter out these posts so I expect this kind of situation.

Personally I think the blog rule is more to prevent exaggeration. Also personal blog are not valid if you are not in the game industry... He claim to works in web design and Css which is technically speaking not game industry related but the blog doesn't look unprofessional to me.

So technically you are right and the best you can do (and you did) is by reporting your concern using the wheel on the picture but I'm always more flexible when it comes to Opinion Piece category. Maybe that explain why I'm not that shock by this approval.

Have a nice day

proudly_X1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

The rules says personal blogs is not a valid source "Unless the person is an industry professional"

What makes someone an industry professional? I have lived and breath gaming all my entire adult life and I represent my country. I have written articles for great websites and Ben Duka of Psxextreme happens to be much of a great inspiration to me.

I honestly do not know why @Abriael is complaining, I have just gone through your profile and it's pretty clear we registered in this site at about the sametime.

The article itself is an opinion piece and not a statement of fact. It is therefore subject to constructive and destructive criticism.

If we were to accept news only from IGN and Gamespot, I bet you wouldn't be here everyday looking for who to bash. Please take a seat.

Have a magical day

cruncher_201964d ago

I should have update the page before because I wrote my post but I didn't click on "add reply" and well... you pretty much express what I think.

Abriael1963d ago

"living and breathing gaming all your entire adult life" and "representing your country" do not make you an industry professional.

An industry professional is someone that works professionally in the game industry, and quite evidently you don't. Having written articles for "great websites" in the past doesn't make you an industry professional, and your writing shows, not to mention how little you evidently know about the industry.

Yours is a personal blog, and personal blogs are not valid sources for opinion pieces. It's that simple. It's a rule, like it or not.

proudly_X1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

If we have got a problem, it's on you. This is my last and final reply to you.

I couldn't bother about what you think. Everyone has got the ability to read but everyone don't interpret in the same way. Everything said is your opinion, I respect it but I do not accept it.

Roper3161964d ago

while I may not pre-order it just because of GTA IV and what a let down I thought it was. I will definitely be picking it up somewhere close to it's release though just because it's GTA.

icecoldfire1964d ago

We have but no to blame us if it flops as we have the power to make it a success and get another next-gen GTA(Red Dead would be better) or make it a major flop.

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