War Thunder Will Be The First Next-Gen Title With Cross-Platform Support Between PS4 & PC

DSOGaming writes: "War Thunder is a pretty cool F2P game, that is currently in an open beta phase on the PC. Gaijin Entertainment, the development team behind it, is willing to bring this title on the PS4 and even though the console version will look better than the PC one, the company will offer cross-platform support between these two versions."

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sigfredod2021d ago

Yes its good to hear how powerfull is the PS4 from the mouth of a PC developer, now we also have in consideration that this is a free to play MMO, so they aim to be playable to the most wide audience possible, so they now that most of the PC´s in our homes are mid specs, for that reason the PS4 being a dedicated hardware with good specs, can pump better visuals than most of the mid range PC´s, but there is also a portion of gamers that have high end and monsters PC´s that the PS4 can´t overpass, but since the user base is lower the developers don´t make the games to work under those specs normally, so the few PC´s games will be the ones enjoying the best resolutions and frame rates, followed by the PS4 and then the mid range PC´s, for a while as the developer state

john22021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

it will be interesting to see what kind of cross-play Gaijin was hinting at

mrmancs2021d ago

Ps4 fanboyclan vs PC fanboyclan... Let the games begin!