Time to give Eye of Judgement another try? Hint: NO

Fragcast talks about what's wrong with Eye of Judgement

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Real Gambler3833d ago

I love the game. But what's amazing is the fact that I NEVER looked at the tutorial or the booklet that came with it. I'm ranked about 175 in the world right now. I won about 66% of my games. And guess what, I never written a review like this guy did. So if this guy can make an article that get posted in N4G, and I can play a game he is complaining about, without watching the tutorial or reading the book, that must make me a super genius.... I guess I should write stupid news too.

Assassin360: You should play the game, and then comment! Otherwise, your comment is pretty much as good as this article. USELESS!!!

chelcho3833d ago

EoJ is one of the best card games I've ever played: very enjoyable and strategic. The game is not for someone who don't like read - card games are not so intuitive.

ravinash3834d ago

It is tricky to know what your doing at first and you do need to play around with it first to understand what your doing.
But its like most Card games, so if your not into this sort of thing then this will not be your cup of tea.

zakupilot2563834d ago

this retard needs to learn to watch tutorial videos on the disc.

Mr PS33834d ago

Is a nice piece of kit

You bought an Xbox3834d ago

And just like everything for the PS3 it oozes quality

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33834d ago

The whole PlayStation Family oozes Quality!;)

games4fun3834d ago

so someone cant figure out how to play a game and doesnt watch the tutorial videos or read the manual, i dont even own the game and this really angers me

just because this guy is a moron and cant figure out how to play a card game just means he's a moron nothing else

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The story is too old to be commented.