Xbox One’s certification process to be easier for developers

Microsoft is working on a plan to make the certification process easier for developers to make updates to their titles on Xbox One, according to Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer.

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Agent_hitman1997d ago

No more nightmares for indie devs who wants to release their games on XBL?..

lol they should have done that before.

hakesterman1997d ago

Microsoft has already stated that Idie devs will have to find a Publisher to put games on Xboxone.

NameRemoved00171997d ago

Its okay Indie devs, Steam and Sony still love you.

nukeitall1997d ago


The reason why the certification is in place is to prevent problems and make sure the experience is similar across the line of product.

The process being easier is good, but it shouldn't make the requirements to pass easier. The experience we had as it was, is relatively good.

I remember an indie developer complaining about MS certification process only to admit later that it was better for the user. It's just that he didn't want to do it!

insomnium21997d ago

There's no going around the fact that the guy in that pic looks like a deuchebag.

Count1997d ago

Guy smiles. He's a douchebag. Guy stands. He's a douchebag.

Is it douchebag to just be a guy?

Hicken1997d ago

That doesn't even make sense. What does his standing or smiling have to do with being a douchebag? If he looks like one, he looks like one. The way your comments make you look like a tool.

On topic: this is good to hear, but it seems to be a little late. With any luck, though, their E3 conference will show something gamers and developers can be happy about.

UNGR1997d ago

Stop! Your logic is killing him you cruel man!

ziggurcat1997d ago

kudo tsunoda takes the douchecake

NameRemoved00171997d ago

Kudo Tsunoda must be here to disagree with you because everybody knows hes a douche.

SlavisH21997d ago

M$ finally listening. THis is great news


disagree all you like, but i cant help thinking that this is just some crap reply MS put together after the backlash they received from everyone for snubbing indie devs. especially considering the news that sony would simplify green lighting process with the ps4, which indie devs ate up when the news came about a few months back.
nice to see that you guys simplify the process of "updating titles". now how about for once, you be clear with how that is going to affect gamers?

NameRemoved00171997d ago

They are handling this Xbone thing worse than windows 8. I say Microsoft is a dead company at this rate by 2030.

MikeyDucati11997d ago

lol that's for you Jonathan!!

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