Battlefield 4 Adds 'Levolution' Real-Time Dynamic Map Features

GR - "You've never seen a war like this"

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malokevi1829d ago

Ahhh yesss, just one more reason to be excited about Battlefield 4. I still play BF3 more than any other game... its just so much fun. The firefights can be so real. concrete flying, bullets wizzing, explosions, smoke, people dying everywhere... no other game causes me to grin wildly and say things like "ahhhwwyyeaaaaaaAAAAAA!!! !!"

Battlefield 4 + XBone = my social life draws to an end.

Godz Kastro1829d ago

THat makes two of us brother... I am so excited for e3. I hope ms says it will be available shortly after their presentation like September... My Birthday month.. Hey a man can dream cant he :)

malokevi1829d ago

A man... can... dream!

They always tend to line these things up for November, so you may want to consider taking a quick trip to the past and tell your mom to just... hold it in for a few more months.


I'm so psyched for E3. Anticipating some really cool software. HOPEFULLY an MMOFPS' thats ready for release...


AliTheSnake11828d ago

So Like IW is doing with their call of duty ghosts multiplayer maps.

Nafon1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

X Bone

Godz Kastro1829d ago

I think MS did a good job getting their media stuff out of the way before e3. Imagine if they would have brought that presentation to e3? The internet wouldve exploded.

I really dont get why people are fussing so much. 19 days after reveal we will see the games.. im cool with that.

Well Malo, heres hoping e3 puts a smile on our face.

pandehz1828d ago

Xboning can be dangerous at times. They usually bite back.

GMoneyChuck1828d ago

Visit your doctor if your XBone lasts longer than four hours . . .

spaceg0st1828d ago

amen! though im undecided on ps4 or nextbox... between bf4 and gta5, im complete

ScepticTankAvenger1828d ago

PS4. And GTA 5 or BF 4...that's a tough one...

DeadlyFire1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

I think I see Microsoft's logic in terming it XBone.

XBown! haha. Why pay for XBL when its going to be the same on PS4, but Free this gen with maybe 20-30 extra frames maybe?

DeadManMcCarthy1828d ago

I agree, all the COD fanboys have down voted you.

10V3N0M011826d ago

I love how these comments have all be downvoted yet there are no responses to support the contrary.

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unchartedxplorer1829d ago

I hope there are more players on next gen consoles!

Godz Kastro1829d ago

I think they mentioned in an engineering interview the cloud computing could help with that... not sure how.

malokevi1829d ago

Thats the one thing I really wan't as well. Basically, thats ALL i want next-gen. HUGE servers filled to the teets with players.

The whole "500,000 servers" thing is alluding to that. I think MS will go full hilt as far as MMOs & massive servers in the next gen. They are certainly investing in the infrastructure...

This is my last bubble, so, to the ether, I say: VIDEOGAMES!!!!!

KwietStorm1828d ago

I think they said 300,000

spaceg0st1828d ago

"I hope there are more players on next gen consoles! "

this has been confirmed for ages... next gen will support 64payers while 360/ps3 will support the same as bf3... 32

DeadlyFire1828d ago

Well they never said it officially, but its more than plausible to me to see 64 players in the game on PS4/XB1.

venom061828d ago

yes!! just one more thing that makes the Battlefield franchise better than that OTHER franchise and their DECEPTIVE MARKETING SCHEMES of saying the engine is new when it aint new at all.. just another Quake engine update..

mwjw6961828d ago

Wrong franchise venom06... thats COD your thinking of.

Someone get this man a cup he's starting to drool!

Dgreen9511828d ago

@mwjw696- Venom06 was talking about COD, he just didn't want to say their name.

asderland1828d ago

No one noticed grammar error in headline. It says levolution when it's really revolution

Cdutt21828d ago

lol its not a error is suppose to say that level and revolution = levolution. level for leveling the map like you could in bad company 2 but battlefield 4 will be better

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