10 Games Square-Enix Should Be Making

Square-Enix is in a bit of trouble. They are producing AAA titles that just don’t hit the mark. Tomb Raider sold over 3.5 million copies but that wasn’t enough for Square. They wanted to see it sell 5 million copies, and they wanted similar for Final Fantasy, Hitman: Absolution and more. They have been trying to re-engineer their games to fit American tastes, but perhaps they are mission the point. All it takes is a tiny look into Squaresoft and Enix’s back catalogue to fine 10 Games Square Should Be Making. Make any of these and we guarantee Square would hit the 5 million mark they are shooting for.

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Mr_Nuts2001d ago

- FF7/8/9 remakes

- FF7/8/9 sequels

- A Dissidia game for consoles

- Kingdom Hearts 3

and so on

Snookies122001d ago

I'd love a Dissidia for Vita or for console. If they made one for PS4, you'd be able to play it on both. Not to mention it would look freaking stunning. You know SE though. They don't like making things people would actually want.

Godmars2902001d ago

Front Mission is sorely missing, and we really don't need a FF7, but otherwise a decent enough list of wants.

Pity Square Enix would be the one making them...

ElementX2001d ago

SE should just go bankrupt and leave the business. The game quality has been going down for a long time.

mrbearbear2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

i do agree with the list. Unfortunately, i do not see any of these happening.A Chrono Trigger sequel is pretty much never gonna happen with their "dream team" working in different companies now. the classic turn based jrpg is also on the way out with home consoles , but still might have a chance on handhelds. Super Mario rpg also fits into this as for the rts games on the list, people do not seem to care for these games much, which sucks since i really enjoy them.

roykoopa642001d ago

So many great franchises worth re-visiting, for sure!