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Submitted by MadAssGamers 996d ago | news

Full Comparison: PS4 vs Xbox One - Specs, Games, Motion Controllers, Compatibility & UI

A complete comparison between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One regarding - console specs, exclusive games, motion controllers, user interface and compatibility. (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

Update Just updated with extra info for both consoles. Added a New Features & Whats in the Box comparison table.

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iGAM3R-VIII  +   996d ago Cmon MS, everyone knew you could do better at that reveal
imt558  +   996d ago
I recommend you to read these article :

You will be suprised. I am...
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I_am_Batman  +   996d ago
What exactly surprised you about that article?
stuna1  +   996d ago
Very interesting read! It also pretty much conferms an always on and constant connection! My thoughts are Microsoft are trying to become a Jack of all trades, be will ultimately become a master of none! I just can't see their vision becoming very viable in such a short period of time.

Just the fact that the Xbox 1 has 3 operating systems makes me think that it will totally hog up the full bandwidth in a normal US home, thereby making anyother wifi device in your home unusable.

Their focus on the living room has the potential to actually alienate other family member if you ask me! How would you go about determining who has the control? What by drawing straws!?

I really think that it's good to be able to pick up a remote to change a channel every so often, and not have it religated to a single option.
cleverusername  +   996d ago
50% less raw power than PS4 GPU!!!
imt558  +   996d ago

I didn't expect that the PS4 GPU has 50% more power than X1 GPU.
The_Infected  +   996d ago

In reference to your link I found this interesting piece.

"Xbox One reveal was the manner in which Microsoft's engineers - and Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt - referred to both "transistors in the box", and "transistors in the cloud", the inference being that Xbox One could evolve by offloading mathematical computations from the local hardware to the ginormous servers Microsoft is prepping for the new system's launch. There was talk of new worlds being generated in the cloud, and less latency-specific systems like physics and AI being processed outside of the console. It's true that this is an exciting prospect in terms of creating massively multiplayer open worlds where "next-gen" dedicated servers will be required to keep track of everything that's going on and feed that out to the gamers."
imt558  +   996d ago | Well said
Sony has Gaikai instead.
darthv72  +   995d ago
that was a pretty good read. Eurogamer did a good job of weighing pros and cons from the information provided.

@kratos...this is something interesting related to cloud processing as well:

Its a few years old but the time between then and now can lead to significant improvements in the implementation.
SilentNegotiator  +   995d ago

Actually, Ps4 has 50% more raw power; not One has 50% less.

"PlayStation 4's 18 CU graphics core has 50 per cent more raw power than the GPU in the new Microsoft console"

Meaning One has ~2/3 the raw power. If One has 2 units of power and Ps4 has 50% more, then PS4 has 3 units of power.
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Arai  +   995d ago
It's not surprising, VGLeaks provided info on both next-gen systems some months ago but N4G blocked the submissions.

Because they were not reliable, trustworthy and whats not.
Though they were spot on and had official documents.
With that said every rumor/leaks proved to be true.

PS4's GPU is 50% stronger than XBone, how that will play out in terms of games is another question though.
darthawesome90  +   995d ago
Constant Internet connection, Facial recognition, always on CAMERA and MIC. HELL NO. I refuse to have a camera and mic that is always on and watching/listening to me. Would just love to bring in a GF/wife into the bedroom with this camera pointed right at my bed (sarcasm).
There isn't a corporation out there that doesn't sell out privacy for cash. I also recall there being an article a while back about the camera tracking gamers emotions so Developers can see how gamers react.

Sorry maybe I like my privacy too much. Once some girls had the computer nerds hack into my computer to learn more about me. They saw every youtube video I watched, everything I typed, email, etc. Needless to say I was furious when I found out.

Heck less than an hour ago I was upset that google kept displaying my real name on youtube with a Google+ account. No way to add a username. Point is that until Microsoft makes the camera and mic optional it's PS4 for me.
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AutoCad  +   995d ago
good article.
im still getting a xbox idc lol .
starchild  +   995d ago
I knew much of that after I watched the conference. The fact that they said it was using ESRAM told me right away that it was using DDR3, because they wouldn't be using ESRAM if they weren't using DDR3.

Anyway, Sony should be commended for building a powerful and efficient console. It's going to rule the roost for years to come. I can't wait to get mine.
Zhipp  +   995d ago
That video was hilarious, but it's the Onion, so I hope you know it's fake.
darthawesome90  +   995d ago

I pretty much assumed the video was a fake but it's so funny because it's so true for so many companies out there. Tracking us and selling our info.
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NatureOfLogic  +   996d ago
Wait wait wait...... Xbox One won't support component cables? Not everyone has an HDTV( I know it's 2013 ) but still.
One4U  +   996d ago
looks like they made it for the US
wampdog29  +   996d ago
@One4U: Would people stop saying this. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Microsoft is an American company and the whole Live TV/cable box thing is more of an American thing, but the opposite could be said abotu this whole online-based idea as well. The U.S. is kinda low on the totem pole when looking at internet speeds and reliability. Maybe Microsoft made this for Asia???
M-M  +   995d ago
I know I just saw that, and there is no way to convert HDMI to analog without a converter box. Bad move by Microsoft, not everyone has an HDTV(I know, but some people don't have money like that).
thehitman  +   995d ago
@ coolguy you can get an HDTV for prob 100 bucks which is like 4-5x less than a xbox would cost. Think thats kind of irrelevant among the onslaught of MS problems have with their next Xbox.
Zhipp  +   995d ago
I somehow doubt that anyone with enough money to buy an XBOne/PS4 wouldn't have already bought an HDTV, or at least a monitor with HDMI support, years ago.
Chris558  +   995d ago
Can't wait to visit friends with xbox "xbox shemale porn "
NextGen24Gamer  +   995d ago
The DDR3 plus small fast eSRAM for the Xbox One can get to the GDDR5s peak performance from the PS4. The GDDR5 will be better in general for the GPU no doubt, but much will be offset by the eSRAM. The questoin is how much will GDDRs high latency hurt the CPU in the PS4?

The cpu is running on low frequency ~ 1.6 GHz which is half the frequency of most mainstream processors. And the PS4 GDDR5s latency is double the Xbox One's DDR3 latency.

GDDR5 has around ~8-10x worse latency compared to DDR3. So the CPU in the PS4 is going to be hurt by this. Everybody's talking about bandwidth but the Xbox One is going to have such a huge latency advantage over the Ps4's Ram, that maybe in the end it's going to be better off.

I would also have to give Xbox One the software advantage for developers. I will get both consoles day one. But, Though it looks like the Ps4 a little more raw power, it also has much worse latency. Let's wait and see what actual developers have to say.

But this is where I think Xbox One will trump the ps4 in regards to sales.

A. When parents, noobs, and your every day buyer compares consoles...They will look identical in regards to numbers. 8 gigs of ram, blah blah blah...They don't know nor care which is slightly more powerful. But, what they will see is all the EXTRA stuff the xbox One can do and the constant commercials that will tout all the cool things Xbox One can do..I also believe that the Xbox One will either cost the same as the Ps4 or a little less. Either way it will look like a better deal for MOST buyers.

Now sure there will be some geeks that will SCREAM that the ps4 has more raw power! But will that matter in the end if the games look very very simular? I actually believe there is a good chance that the xbox One will look as good or better in terms of graphics than the Ps4. I say that because of my previous statements.

Latency & software! Xbox One has the edge clearly in both.

Remember the ps3 had more raw power than the xbox 360...but did it matter in the end? NOPE! Most games look better on the 360 and it sold better in the USA. To be honest, I live in the USA and I could care less how either console does outside of my country. I play game with friends online. All my friends live in the United States.

I don't get paid from console sales. I'm just a gamer who buys every console every generation and I just want to play Great Games!
KumquatGOATBEEF  +   996d ago
Ugh. Xbox One does not have GDDR3 memory.
paranoid1971  +   996d ago
anyone disagreeing is an idiot, it's DDR3
Captain Qwark 9  +   996d ago
im pretty sure its unconfirmed at this point unless you know something i dont
paranoid1971  +   996d ago
Very good article
Dark_Overlord  +   996d ago
@Captain Qwark 9

Just take a look at the article (I've highlighted the section below, look for the -'s)

"A follow-up architecture panel hosted by Microsoft's Larry Hyrb soon put paid to the latter, more optimistic appraisal of the situation. Very early on it was established that ESRAM is indeed incorporated into the Xbox One design - essentially a large, very fast cache of embedded memory attached to the GPU and CPU that helps to make up the bandwidth deficit inherent in using slower memory. So even without direct confirmation, we now knew that the 8GB of memory in Xbox One is indeed DDR3 as opposed to the bandwidth-rich GDDR5 found in the PlayStation 4

--------(and Wired's internal photography of the One confirms 2133MHz DDR3 Micron modules).------

Xbox One may well have a latency advantage over PS4 and power consumption will probably be lower, but GPU bandwidth - a key element in graphics performance - is indeed more limited on the Microsoft hardware."
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Greenpowerzsick   996d ago | Spam
sly-Famous  +   996d ago
MS will delay the xbox 1's release.
awi5951  +   995d ago
Well it depends on the price of the PS4 also. I wonder if sony learned about these crazy launch prices for it.
ijust2good  +   996d ago | Well said
Microsoft has lost the plot..they couldn't even give Xbox One specs in more detail that anyone can understand...billions of transistors ahahaha lol that's been around for years. What kind of RAM and bandwidth, How many TFLOP of computational power? wouldn't that be more simple to answer.

U have to respect Sony for going all out, they took allot of shit from PC warrior geeks with there nuclear powered £2000+ sex machines and not forgetting the Nvidia clowns but at-least they had balls to show off PS4's specs and showcase a game that uses its power. PS4 might not be the most powerful system money could buy but atleast they came out with pride and said this is what we can do with our specs.

Proper FAIL from Micro$oft.
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esemce  +   996d ago | Well said
Maybe MS didn't mention the system specs for the same reason Nintendo withheld WiiU specs and that's because they are inferior to the competition (PS4).

If Sony has free online MP, no fee for used games and a similar or lower price than the XboxOne then it's an easy choice for me, do you agree real gamers ?
Pintheshadows  +   996d ago
I'd laugh if Sony intentionally undercuts MS. After the expensive launch of the PS3 maybe they'd be willing to sell the PS4 at a loss to gain an install base fast and recoup their money on games.

Sony does seem to be in a trolling mood recently afterall. I have a feeling they are going to go for the throat at E3.
UnHoly_One  +   996d ago
I wouldn't, because it isn't a choice. I (and most "real gamers") will have both without a doubt.
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Kos-Mos  +   995d ago
How can Nintendo hide the specs when the reveal of the console and the release of the console were a year before PS4? Unless they knew what road Sony would take...There are so many childs who are fanboys on this site, it`s sickening.
Brazz  +   996d ago
can't agree more! bubble ya!
r21  +   996d ago
Why is Beyond: Two Souls part of the PS4 line up? Besides that, currently, PS4 has more known exclusives than the xbox 1.
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One4U  +   996d ago
and theres more to come
r21  +   996d ago
Oh yeah, thats for sure. Its Sony were talking bout here!
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LoveOfTheGame  +   996d ago
Article is complete trash. No fact checking whatsoever.

PS4 hasn't announced what they are doing for used games yet, I don't think Diablo 3 or FF has been confirmed exclusive, and GDDR3 is false.

Probably more errors but those make me believe this article should be failed.
CRASHBASHUK  +   996d ago
hmm some of the things are wrong on this weblink:

I thought Xbox one doesn't support DVD? I mean why should they when they are not supporting AV?

Backwards Compatibility the ps4 is with game streaming ps1,2and3 didn't this person watch the ps4 press conference?
MintBerryCrunch  +   995d ago
the system utilizes a Bluray Drive, blu ray supports DVD regardless, unless MS somehow blocks that
Greenpowerzsick   996d ago | Spam
EdgarOD  +   996d ago
Let the Console Wars begin!!!!
darren_poolies  +   995d ago
After that disaster it seems like it's already over.
Mr-Dude  +   996d ago
Here is an good overal comparison
juggulator  +   996d ago
Can anyone confirm whether the Xbox one's CPU/GPU were made by MS or AMD. The article says it was custom built by MS.
Cueil  +   995d ago
it's a complete custom build based on AMD's hardware, but it's highly modified...
Supermax  +   996d ago
I think I read its a amd
LeonhartX  +   996d ago
am i the only one who thinks this ps4 mockup is awesome?
KillrateOmega  +   996d ago
If MS fails to impress at E3, then MS fanboys will have absolutely nothing to fall back on. They all proclaimed that the MS reveal would blow us away and turn the tables, but all you have to do is look at the majority of forums and take a look at the stock prices for both companies after the reveal to see how that went.
#14 (Edited 996d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MysticStrummer  +   995d ago
"If MS fails to impress at E3, then MS fanboys will have absolutely nothing to fall back on."

Some of them will soldier on anyway.

People like greenpowerz.
KillrateOmega  +   995d ago
So true. I saw him earlier today.

If there was ever anything that I respected about the guy, it would have to be his sheer loyalty. Dude simply refuses to admit any wrongs on MS's part...
Cueil  +   995d ago
who ever told you it was going to blow anyone away was smoking the good stuff... anyone who payed any attention would have known that games would not be shown in detail... Greenberg said this then it was reiterated several times during the start of the show
KillrateOmega  +   995d ago
When I said 'they', I meant Xbox fanboys before the reveal. Not the devs and representatives during the reveal.
SpinalRemains  +   996d ago
Xbox One looks very vanilla.
braydox21  +   995d ago
it also looks for some reason very playstation, just most around the disk drive it reminds me a bit of the ps3. and also its quite black i mean playstation has always been about being black, while Xbox was black it had a big green thing in the centre and the 720 was white orinally with the green circle or red ring, and now xbox one (weird choice for a name but im betting they will have something like: Xbox is the number one choice in the living room. or something like that)

now they are very similer colours i mean how many have you guys have asked for something but say got the right game but for the wrong console. i can see that happening for the mainstream people who don't know any better. hopefully the ps4 casing will be alot more distinctive from the teaser trailer they had recently, for gamers in genral it shouldn't be a problem. anyway those are my thoughts and has anyone thought similer?
S2Killinit  +   995d ago
"or red ring" lol
Roper316  +   996d ago
here is one inaccuracy in the specs with the ram, Xbox One listed 2nd


It will have DDR3 ram not GDDR3.
nosferatuzodd  +   995d ago
ha ha h a you know what im laughing because i have both a 360 and a ps3 but i like sony over the 360 im not going to sit here and lie
I was on a website the other day, and this guy said how the sony radicals are fighting for life now that the xbox pres conference is coming how they would blow us out the water with 12 gig of ram 4 os 8 for games 4.6 tflop gpu lol a lot of xbox fanboys are hiding right now this is the calmest I've ever seen iGN VG-CHARTS and 1UP ever hope nintendo can get some games perfect time.
iamlegend9999  +   995d ago
wa wa wait. Was it confirmed that the next final fantasy was ps4 exclusive??????
vigilante_man  +   995d ago
I must say a well balanced article and very readable (The Eurogamer one linked at the second comment). I have learnt more from this 5 minute read than from the reveal itself.

Sad to see the Brick power supply still in action in 2013. The batteries in the controller must be because Sony hold the rights to rechargeable inbuilt controllers. Will a lead be included or do you have to buy it?

And not the propriety hard disk again! Come on, MS - learn the lessons. Okay the USB 3 may come in handy - but expect Sony to have an Hybrid SSD Hard Disk drive or many users to buy one - 750GB currently £80.

Well done on the cooling. It seems MS realised in February that Sony has the hardware and have not tried to chase them (too late in development for that) with quick and cheap hardware with many failures. So plus points there.

There is now a clear choice to be made. 100% focus on Games or a 50/50 split (maybe 25/75) with TV/Skype/Internet, etc.

The biggest fear is multi-platform games. They were held back last time in part due to Blu-Ray vs DVD capacity. This time they are likley to be held back due to a system with 30-40% less Graphics umphh.

After watching COD Ghost I am more looking forward to exclusives this time around - not sub-standard multi-platform games. But E3 may give us all hope on that front.
#19 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
InFamous__  +   995d ago
wooww overall specs, PS4 lookss awesome!! One of the things that people aren't really giving any credit to PlayStation, is the PlayStation eye. It out performs Xbox one kinect, not only in specs, but the eye has been out since the PS2, I want to see what games are going to use the new PS4 eye and how will players interact with it.

Another thing that I am very impress with is the Dulshock 4 controller in comparing the new x box One's controller. That thing loooks F**n awesome!! Like the Xbox 360 the controllers will require AA batteries which is shows how much MS is trying to get out of people. If you don't want to deal with the hassle of batteries, you will prob have to go out of your way to buy a rechargeable battery from them.

Cant wait to get the PS4!!
MJ23007  +   995d ago
If this is really true M$ wont be getting my money, I was a die hard fan of halo since the orginial xbox and was at launch for the 360, think ill go PS4 this time around. No Backwards compatibility and a fee for used games is just ridiculous anybody who buys this console and supports this is stupid. SOrry it just promotes this crap, imagine if you couldn't let your brother or family member borrow your blurays????
brianunfried  +   995d ago
Hard Drive not user replaceable
Controller using AA Batteries
No Bluetooth
Uses a power brick
No Used Games
Xbox Live, the service that keeps on taking
Outdated RAM
Looks like my old VCR
#22 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
McGamer  +   995d ago
This article was obviously written by a PS4 fanboi who made a lot of glaring mistakes and misquotes in their spec claims of the XBO. Atypical
cell989  +   995d ago
all that internet usage makes me wonder how much lag will I have to deal with, trying to play an online game session, while skyping at the same time, with one device? #lagmuch
Steezo  +   995d ago
I have a Xbox 360 and was near set on getting the Xbox One as far as next gen consoles and was impressed by their conference and thought it looked cool. That is until I seen the Playstation 4 reveal (saw it late on YouTube) and wow, blew me away! An hour longer in duration and filled with content. The games on it look so good and the whole "create your dream" with the sculpting tool incorporating the move stick. Woah. Can still see what Microsoft shows at E3 but it's just about locked in for Ps4 as far as next gen.
DivineAssault  +   995d ago
I forgot the Dual Shock 4 has a lil speaker for added sound depth to games.. I liked the lil sound effects on wii games from the wii mote.. Sonys controller is better imo.. Not just cuz of the multitouch pad but because of the light bar & speaker.. Plus its sharing options might be quick & easy & i like the analogs at the bottom
Ragthorn  +   995d ago
To be honest, think Microsoft went back in time with the design lol. Xbox One - VCR Player, Xbox One Controller - Original Xbox and Xbox 360 Controller combined. Just my view on it though, but I still like the feel of their controllers. On the PS4 controller, I just hope theirs some weight to it, cause the PS3 controller took a step backwards from the PS2 Controller tbh.
skipper  +   995d ago
Have you ever held the Xboxe's original controller" it was almost like holding a football.
#27.1 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
GotHDGame  +   995d ago
I do not care if you love Microsoft to death. It is right there in black and white. PS4 has more power hands down, and also more IP'S. Yes Microsoft has some new ones coming, but do you think Sony does not? PS4 Controller at least offers something different.
Cueil  +   995d ago
did it matter to you when the original Xbox was 3 generations ahead graphicly from the PS2? Did you rally the troups to put down the PS2 horrible processor and gpu? No... so stfu
GotHDGame  +   995d ago
I think you are going a little overboard. I never even owned a PS2 or or the 1st Xbox, not to be confused with Xbox One. I had Gamecube back then. I never even owned a PS3 till 3 or so years ago. I Prefer Nintendo 1st party titles, which merely proves a point. Everyone has put the Wii down last gen, because of its lack of power. I sat there and watched it time and time again. Wii U was coming out, and I had to watch all the PS360 (I love Sony just to be clear) fanboys put it down even before it was released. Let me ask you, Did I say ANYTHING bad accept "PS4 has more power hands down" and that "PS4 controller at least offers something different". When Wii U came out I felt the same way, cool a new way to play. As a gamer I don't need you to take over my cable TV and Skype. I want new ways to play, and that certainly is not Illumiroom. I am telling you like it is. Please NEVER tell me to STFU again. How old are you 14 or 15?
#28.1.1 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
banjadude  +   995d ago
Hmmm, can someone please explain the difference for "Web Connection" (says Ethernet IEEE vs Ethernet WIFI)?

Thanks in advance.
#29 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Drainage  +   995d ago
this shit is stolen from ign
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