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Deathstroke to be a playable character in Batman Arkham: Origins with DLC

Earlier this week the the preview trailer for the upcoming prequel to the ‘Batman Arkham’ series, called “Batman Arkham Origins”, and now new details have emerged ahead of the official trailer. Customers who pre-order the game can pick up Deathstroke as a playable character. (Batman: Arkham Origins, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360)

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toxic-inferno  +   740d ago
Well this is unexpected.
blackbirdi   740d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
nick309  +   740d ago
Awesome , just make it last at least 3 hours.
ironfist92  +   740d ago
Ill just wait for the GOTY edition again then...
Hanso  +   740d ago
me too this time
Inception  +   739d ago
Yup, waiting GOTY fo sure. And with Arkham City DLC, Deathstroke must be not the only DLC they will milk.
sourav93  +   740d ago
Wait, is it going to be one of those playable characters on in challenge mode like in Arkham Asylum where you played as the joker? Since it's a villain? Though it was cool, it got old pretty quick. I'd prefer some sort of campaign interaction with Deathstroke.
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Maninja  +   739d ago
Notice how Deathstroke's holding Batmans cowl in the image, which may mean that it's an alternate reality type dlc campaign where Deathstroke did kill Batman and now he has to kill someone else
Gamesgbkiller  +   740d ago
DLC nowadays is really overdosed.

Just give me the game and after few weeks give me ( good ) DLCs.
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plaZeHD  +   739d ago
Pre order NOW!!!
Deathstroke is my favorite villain
I am a Batman freak.
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KillrateOmega  +   739d ago
Say What You Want About DLC,...
but if pre-ordering means that I get to play as the bad*ss assassin known as Deathstroke without having to wait several months for it to release normally, a time when I'll have already beaten the game and will likely be playing other games, then I'm down :)
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Max-Zorin  +   739d ago
Whoever invented DLC need to be kicked in the head with steel-toed boots. If it was last gen, we would only have to beat the game. This gen sucks.
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