Modded Controllers: Good or Bad?

Article about the use of modded controllers in games

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BattleAxe1797d ago

Bad. Cheating is for losers.

NegativeCreepWA1797d ago

More like cheating is for PC gamers.

I love PC gaming, but it's pointless to be competitive.

Blacktric1797d ago

"Play how you want."

So you would be fine with me turning on the cheats and killing you repeatedly in a game that you hold so dear to you?


admiralvic1797d ago

Play how you want is only applicable when you're alone (like most other things). The second you start playing with others, it starts to affect other peoples experience and in turn becomes unacceptable.

MidnytRain1797d ago

The perfect comment to this subject.

-GametimeUK-1797d ago

Pretty much. Shame the MM users on Dark Souls don't think like this.

shinrock1797d ago

Offline single play multi player ur cheating.

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btmgov1797d ago

This is typical behavior now a days. These are for all of the losers in today's society and are too lazy and think they are too entitled to have to put in the work, time , and effort to get good at something on their own.

MRHARDON1797d ago

The only problem I see in modded controllers is IF they are being used in a mutiplayer match, if they use it in SP mode, good, let them...but if they use it in MP, its just cheap and unfair.

LordDhampire1797d ago

They look and feel cheap, therefore do not want

JD_Shadow1797d ago

The pic makes me think this is okay. Anything to make the 360's d-pad easier to use for bigger hands is all good.

eyeDEVOUR1797d ago

Well I use aftermarket concave trigger covers for my ds3...and I use thumbstick extensions because the ds3's are shorter than the Ds2's I feel like I'm just correcting the controller to what it should be...these are just snap on accessories that anyone can buy.. Not sure if I qualifies as a true mod or not

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