OXCGN’s FUSE Interview with Ted Price- Time to light a FUSE


"With two sessions of FUSE under my belt I had a general knowledge of the game and how it implements co-op as well as what it does differently to other co-op shooters available on the market.

Sit back and enjoy the read of my interview with Ted Price which whilst short was sweet and quite informative."

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BadCircuit1955d ago

This so reminds me of Brute Force last gen.

gaminoz1955d ago

I love that quick swap system

Proeliator1955d ago

I really loved the demo for this, might pick it up.

InMyOpinion1955d ago

You liked it? I thought it was awful.

spongeboob1955d ago

I really like Insomniac and I respect Ted but I can't support them on this game. It just felt so generic and I couldn't get into it.

Grimhammer001955d ago

I really enjoyed the demo. I've played a ton of games this gen.....and some I remember for differing reasons.

But, mass 3 & syndicate I really enjoyed for the mp co-op fun. Ironically, the cods, gears & halos for me never quite hit that sweet spot like mass 3 or syndicate did.
I think it's the depth of the rewards. I feel that Fuse will bring this and so I prepaid it in full.

InMyOpinion1955d ago

Funny! I've also played Syndicate and Mass Effect 3 a lot in multiplayer. Especially Mass Effect 3. It's incredibly deep.