Is Square Enix sending Final Fantasy XIV out to die?

Square Enix has had Final Fantasy in the position of the company's flagship franchise for over 20 years. And with that success, came various changes and improvements over the years. Eventually, with the start of Final Fantasy XI, the franchise attempted to branch out into the MMORPG landscape.

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jc485731805d ago

never bothered with FFXI and never will with FF14. If Square Enix moved FF13Versus just to save this sucker, they did a terrible mistake. I do not buy Square Enix games just to play MMOs. They wasted way too much time trying to save FF14.

lodossrage1805d ago

I can't say if FF13 Versus was moved because of FF14 or not.

But one thing that's a fact is that Square Enix has made one bad decision after another. They aren't even looking at the rest of the MMORPG landscape and reacting accordingly.

How they think FF14 having a subscription model in this day and age is beyond me

Dno1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

its beyond you because you guys have no clue what you are talking about. no offense but fff11 is SE most profitable game. they have said it many times. the most profitable game of all time has a sub base model (WoW).

you guys don't want to pay that's fine we have games for you but some people rather a P2P model much better then a Pay to win model.

lodossrage1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )


Nobody was debating Final Fantasy 11's profit and/or success.

The ISSUE is whether or not Final Fantasy 14 will have success in this day and age. Did you even read before you posted this?

No offense, but before you say people don't know what they're talking about, you really SHOULD read before you comment.

As stated in the article, even WOW is slowly having to deal with the falling subscription customer numbers. And the fact that they even made WOW free-2-play up to a certain level adds to the fact that free-2-play games uprising has had an effect on even the biggest MMORPG out there (WOW)

Larry L1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Square is obviously taking somewhat of a chance making A Realm Reborn subscription based. Any game would be. As the article points out, even the biggest subscription game is steadily losing subscribers......but I think that's just game fatigue. Even the most popular of things die out eventually. And the game everyone was excited for: The Old Republic ended up being basically a failure and had to go free2play, but was that because people weren't willing to pay the subscription, or was it that the truth is The Old Republic kinda sucked and wasn't up to modern gaming standards, and on top of that they continually put out trailers for the game that were writing checks the actually game couldn't cash?

Personally, based on Live and other subscription based games that have come out in the past, I think the PC and console markets are open right now for a HUGE subscription based MMO. But it's going to take a RPG, with amazing graphics to draw people in, vast story and places to explore with tons of loot to grind for without feeling like a grind (that's the trick, isn't it?), and a game that is accessible to every level of gamer, yet have the depth for the hardcore ARPG crowd that's all about experimenting with builds and what-not.

Now, I have to say, as a gamer who has always SWORE to myself that I would never pay a subscription fee to play a single game, and have never seen a MMORPG or sub-based game of any kind that would make me break that promise to myself.........seriously...... .FF14: A Realm Reborn seems to put EVERYTHING together amazingly as an MMO, and on top of that it looks to be one of the most amazing FFs ever in general in terms of exploration, content and combat........It really does look SO good that it's is indeed the very first game to get me to consider STRONGLY paying a subscription fee to play a game.

It does, in all honesty look like the best MMORPG ever made to date. At least "one of". If it's making ME consider paying a subscription to play it, there has to be alot of people that ARE going to pay it. I think they've got a better chance with A Realm Reborn than people think, especially with the PS3/console crowd who I think are pretty hungry for an amazing MMORPG.

The only problem I have, which is the only reason I havn't already commited myself to getting this game, is that the subscription fee is $15 a month. I know that tends to be the standard, but all things considered, also the economy on top of the fact that so many people are more sceptical of subs now.......since I'm going to have to pay for the game itself, the subscription fee should be quite a bit lower. Either $10 a month or a 1 year package for like $100 or even less would go over big, especially with the PSN gamers who actively spend money on digital games. $15 a month is going to put off alot of people for sure that $10 a month wouldn't. I know I'm one that $15 a month is probably going to push away.

All that said, A Realm Reborn looks amazing, and I look forward to giving it a shot when the beta hits PS3 (assuming Plus members get in), and if it's as good as I think it looks so far.....sorry self, I might be breaking my promise to you, and I just may be paying a subscription to play a game.

Pyrrhus1805d ago

Lets be honest, all these shiny new MMO's come out P2P to get a quick buck before heading down the freemium route. I wish more would follow the GW2 direction (not saying GW2 is a good game).

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Chrono1805d ago

I hope that it dies so they never make an MMO again.

taijutsu3631805d ago

if they made a P2P play Kingdom Hearts MMO game Id at first be mad a s F***! Cuz I hate P2P, but in the end Id prob still get cuz I love me some KH!