A History of Mac Gaming, Part 1

If you think back to the early days of Mac gaming, you might first wax nostalgic about playing Oregon Trail or Math Blaster on your elementary school's boxy beige Apple IIe. Well, nice try, bucko, but that's not a Mac at all. The Apple II debuted in 1978, but the original Macintosh came out in January 1984; while it was the first consumer machine to come with a mouse and feature a graphical user interface (GUI), it actually didn't ship with any real games at all. Yet games were written for the Mac even before its debut.

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Baliw3895d ago

I still love to play Might & Magic and Wizardry series on any mac!

X3895d ago

When I was in grade school there were two games on a mac that I played. The first was a game where you had to find parts to build different vehicles to race against the computer. The purpose was to learn about aerodynamics. The other was a history type game that I found to actually be enjoyable called museum madness.