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Why Square Enix should remaster Final Fantasy XII for Playstation 3

Bubblews: "Square Enix is releasing Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix and Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster for the Playstation 3 this year. If the company is smart, they should also remaster Final Fantasy XII." (Final Fantasy XII, PS2, PS3)

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fsfsxii  +   934d ago
No, just release the damn game as a PS2 classic. A remaster would be announced and no one would hear anything for a year about and then we'll hear news again.
Baka-akaB  +   934d ago
No way . They never released the Zodiac version with tons of additional content and fixes in the west , and would never release it on psn for the wet .

HD remaster is the only , or emulation
jc48573  +   934d ago
I almost forgot about the zodiac version.
hkgamer  +   934d ago
Did they fix all the glitches in the Zodiac version?

I was getting really good at glitching the original game, was 60-70% done with collecting every item 100x i think.

It was also fun breaking the game by becoming OP within the first 2 hours.

Now that I think back, I must have spent atleast 500+ hours and I still haven't completed that game.
MaxXAttaxX  +   934d ago
FFXII Zodiac Version HD Remaster for PS4 :P
Just saying, because by the time it's announced(if) it's be a PS4 release.
ScubbaSteve  +   934d ago
I wouldn't mind it if they "remastered" it by taking out the first 2 hours and deleting vaan from the entire game.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   934d ago
Lmao awww come on he wasn't that bad. I do think Ashe should of been the main character though.

Name Last Name  +   934d ago
Basch was supposed to be the main character but they changed it.
DragonKnight  +   934d ago
Balthier should be the main character. Everyone knows it.
guitarded77  +   934d ago
@ DragonKnight

I absolutely agree.

Also, I would be down for a XII remaster for PS4. This gen is at the tail end, and we'll be lucky to see FFX launch before the PS4 is out, so if they do it, it should be for PS4. I prefer the gameplay (real time combat of FFXII to X anyway).
Imalwaysright  +   934d ago
Ash and Balthier are FF12 main characters.
Baka-akaB  +   934d ago
Yeah all three are the main characters of the game .
MaxXAttaxX  +   934d ago
Ashe was the main character for me.
It was pretty much her story the whole time, along with Basch and Balthier(who is cooler than Vaan).
Alos88  +   934d ago
Disagree completely, a HD remaster would get me to replay, I already own a PS2 copy so a PS2 classic rerelease would be worthless to me.
Kte  +   933d ago
Yeah I would actually love to play the Zodiac version remastered. Specially the Espers, that was my favorite portion of the game really. The summons were epic, and the specials they all had were even more epic.
Baka-akaB  +   934d ago
Do want , hell it's one of the reason i'm getting the X/X2 remaster ... i still enjoyed X but vadly refer XII .
Qrphe  +   934d ago
I quit 15hrs into FFXII because I had found the International version for which there was an English language patch. Being able to control the actual summons is pretty awesome and should've been in the original version.
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waltyftm  +   934d ago
Agreed 100%.
Snookies12  +   934d ago
Ehhh, I liked Final Fantasy XII for what it was. It had a fantastic world with fun combat and some great ideas. The color palette, characters (with the exception of Balthier), and story however were just not that great.

I suppose I'd like to see a remaster of it on PS3. I did sink in over 150 hours into the game. Still... I just feel like it was a little lacking. Not as much as the XIII series, but I felt they could have done better in making the characters and story more interesting. I've gone through the game 3 times now and still don't understand what the hell is happening in the story... -_-
contradictory  +   934d ago
well, the story is that one day Vaan wakes up and decides to go on an acid trip. exploring the far reaches of humanity, always ready to be there for no real reason...truly he is a successor to Tidus.... also writing on a virtual keyboard is tedious.
Bimkoblerutso  +   934d ago
I liked the story. It was a nice alternative to the soap-opera-like melodrama of the rest of the series.

It was good to just get some hardcore fantasy politics and an interesting cast of characters that didn't feel like they needed to discuss their feelings every moment they weren't battling (Vaan and Penelo notwithstanding).
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Kingthrash360  +   934d ago
I want this too, but for vita/ps3 cross play. awesomeness in a bottle.
Nate-Dog  +   934d ago
Here's an idea, why don't companies make new games instead!? It's like people enjoy giving money twice to a company for the same game and just want to play the exact same things year in year out.
DragonKnight  +   934d ago
The reason for that, at least in SE's case, is because SE's past is superior to their present.
Nate-Dog  +   934d ago
I'm not just talking about SE's games though because this isn't limited to Square Enix. Look at the amount of HD collections around this generation of games that never needed them, all the re-releases and everyone complaining that they want new games and then saying "oh it's not like ___" once was.
DragonKnight  +   934d ago
I take that as a sign though. A sign that people are tired of lack of effort most developers put forth in their games. The business of gaming has taken a much larger focus this generation than it ever has before and people can see it in the kinds of games that are released. Coupled with terrible business practices, is it any wonder people want more of what once was so wonderful? Personally for me, since I grew up with the NES and SNES, I wouldn't mind having some remakes of those games I loved as a child with today's graphics, but that's not likely to happen considering the work that would be involved.

I think the demand for HD remakes is gamers saying "we can't trust you to make quality experiences anymore."
Baka-akaB  +   934d ago
Since they do keep releasing new games , i dont get your beef here .

If you didnt care for FFXIII-2 and wont care for XIII-3 either , or their numerous handheld and eidos games or FF14 , this remaster doesnt change a thing . it's just one less thing to have around

Besides in this case unless you played the pirate iso translation , there is a whole lot of content missing and unreleased . That's enough for a remaster to me .
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Nate-Dog  +   934d ago
But it does change a thing. They are still putting resources and time into touching up a game they've already made. Look at how long the X remaster is taking. Almost all of their HD projects this gen have been delayed by their development of XIV and even now it continues to cause them a lot of issues and cost them a lot of money.
Baka-akaB  +   934d ago
XIV is a full new game . The remaster is unlikely to be taking ressources sufficient enough to create a whole new other game . It is far more likely that X is taking so long ebcause they didnt allocute much ressources to it instead .

Again you still getting your new games , enjoying them is another matter obviously .
CEOSteveBallmer  +   934d ago
I was thinking about this for a time now since I have FF7-9 on PSN and 1-6 on PSP. So basically FF 1-9 is on PSN then X/X-2 is coming very soon. So its really a good idea to have "All" FF on one console just like MGS legacy edition. It will be such a blast. It won't hurt you cause you have the "Choice" not to buy it if you are already good with the PS2 version. But I sure would like an HD remaster to complete the FF collection. If MGS, RE, DMC and silent has an HD remaster, why couldn't an FF game right? Im sure there are a lot of people who would buy this even if they have the PS2 disc already.
DA_SHREDDER  +   934d ago
Im good on 12. The series hasn't been the same since X-2
arronax-1  +   934d ago
As far as i'm concerned, their troubles began with 'Spirits Within'. Before that they were fine.
arronax-1  +   934d ago
Besides, it seemed like X-2 was more like an act of desperation; reused stuff, fanservice, etc.
-Gespenst-  +   934d ago
kostchtchie_  +   934d ago
12 was utter garbage, and ff13/x2 followed in same crap gameplay
TongkatAli  +   934d ago
XII is fing amazing. I want to go back to Ivalice on my Vita.
taquito  +   934d ago
play them all for free if you own the originals on pcsx2 in native 1920x1080p, way higher and with better framerates (60) than the ps3 would ever be able to achieve!

Hicken  +   934d ago
Nobody cares about your stupid emulators.
lilbroRx  +   934d ago
If they were to make that effort and spend the money, why would the write want them to limit it to the PS3?
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LordHiggens  +   934d ago
Everything after and including X-2 was garbage...
LordHiggens  +   933d ago
Oh come on, name one good one after X-2....just one.
Kratoscar2008  +   933d ago

FFX-2 had great gameplay at least.
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LordHiggens  +   933d ago
XII was god awful, the characters were bland and boring there was no real arch nemesis and Vaan was pure...just horrible...

Gameplay doesn't even matter in a Final Fantasy it's all about the story...
DJ  +   934d ago
FFX hd is a true remaster with the game assets rebuilt from scratch. An FFXII remaster would be dope!!
Magnus  +   934d ago
I would probably give FF12 a run need some decent FF games since now they tend to flop. And with the other FF title which has little to no new info on it need something to kill the time. I wouldn't mind a throwing FF6, Xenogears, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross on the HD remake band wagon I would play those.
contradictory  +   934d ago
that would be delicious... and if there would be vita version too like FF X then i would shit bricks
contradictory  +   934d ago
also they should just make another XII spinoff and make balthier the MC
Kratoscar2008  +   933d ago
We already had one: FFXII

Vaan doesnt matter at all in the game, Balthier does and he is the leading man.
chikane  +   934d ago
nope i think SQ should focus of making new ff games .
chikane  +   934d ago
i meant SE
PHOSADRA  +   934d ago
Final Fantasy XII did something that no other final fantasy has been able to make me do....Go look for a fight.
Usually I run or try to avoid petty encounters unless I needed to level up, but I enjoyed the battle system so much, I actually didn't mind getting interrupted during my travels.

I found the battle system to be really fun, and though I didn't really care for the story, I thought the game was what Final Fantasy was supposed to be. Big open world and once you progress far enough, full scale exploration whenever you want.
I mean even some of the smaller areas of the world would swallow the calm lands of FF X, and the environments were more detailed.

The only 2 down sides are the story and unfamiliar battle system. I didn't like the battle at first, but when I picked the game up again, I began to love it.

The gambit system is great, it gives you so much control over your party members, its almost as if you're directly controlling them yourself, I believe its more efficient than the paradigm shifting of FF XIII.
trenso1  +   934d ago
no the should get to releasing final fantasy type-0 in other territories im playing it in japanese and its amazing so far even though its difficult not knowing anything
arbitor365  +   934d ago
i would love this but I cant imagine it happening any time soon. how long have people been asking for a FFX remaster? and square are just now getting around to it. so i cant imagine how long it would take for FFXII, unless they already have it in the works.
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DS36  +   934d ago
I did not like this Final Fantasy 12 at all, I could not even finish it. And I thought 13 wast better. What I think we need is the story telling and environments of past games (10 and before) rolled in with an improved tweaked battle system of 13.
MuhammadJA  +   934d ago
Whatever they do, they should include a Vita version.
chrispseuphoria  +   934d ago
I disliked this game because I could barely understand what the characters were saying. I was a kid at the time but I would prefer Dragon Quest VIII.
Gardenia  +   933d ago
That was the last good Final Fantasy that came out in the west. I liked the Vagrant Story graphics that was used in the game
o-Sunny-o  +   933d ago
They should just make a new actual good game.
gamedebater  +   933d ago
re-release old games in HD when you can't make better games lol oh squaaaaaaaare..
GeckoPutt  +   933d ago
I am incredibly excited for FINAL FANTASY X|X-2 HD REMASTER and although I thought FINAL FANTASY X-2 did't even compare to its predecessors, I am still looking forward to playing it again (with new International features). Coming from the UK, I've already defeated Penance and the Dark Aeons and I know I'm going to enjoy doing it again!

I loved FINAL FANTASY XII, but I'm neither here nor there about a remaster/remake. I would definitely buy it (especially if it included the extras that are included in the International version), but I think the story and characters were all over the place; as people have said above, the main character should have always been Balthier/Basch.

I do agree with those above that are saying that if they were to announce this, we wouldn't hear about the game for a year or two and then get a minimal information feed about the game. Square Enix might produce stunning games, but their PR skills vastly leave something to be desired... and I think we can all agree with that.
Donnywho  +   933d ago
You guys are all spoony bards.
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