Sims 3 preview with In-Game Pics

Daniel Mitchell, "The latest edition of UK gaming mag PCGamer comes with a massive 5 page preview of the Sims 3, with the first released in-game screen-shots. PCGamer is a reliable magazine which we trust which makes the fact that the graphics are horrible even harder for us to swallow. On the bright side, the thought of seamless integrated communities and neighbourhoods sounds fantastic as do most of the other features outlined in the feature. Also, the pictures are from an early beta so there is still time for (much needed) graphical improvement."

To make the magazine scans larger to read, right click the page and select zoom-in.

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MK_Red3652d ago

Nothing special and aside from the "open-world" premise, it could have easily been another Sims 2 expansion. Heck, even with the open-world it still feels like an add-on.

SUP3R3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

I agree.
Man what a let down.
It looks like an open world Sims2!
I'm so pissed about this now, I thought we were gonna get some really realistic looking sims with amazing architecture.
I guess I'll have to wait til' Wednesday to see it in motion and either be completely disappointed or a bit interested.

Why don't you find something constructive to do other than playing with Microsoft's privates?

znu3652d ago

think of this from a developers point of view

you have been focusing on one area everytime in sims, but now, its an open world with hundred s of possibilites happening, think of every step they will have to design for every little thing.

furthermore no one mentioned that there were no loading screens, just the initial one when turning to the neighbouhood and then its open world once u choose ur character.

It may not be much but its pretty much fixed all the complaints in the sims.

aaron58293652d ago

Why are you comparing a full priced game to a free thing ?

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Superiorrior3652d ago

My girlfriend loves the series, hands down, while I do support her gaming habit, I must say these screens present nothing but disappointment, I was expecting some intense graphics, like you said MK Red, might as well be an expansion.

Boldy3652d ago

Well it is in it's beta stage, so it has room for improvement graphically.

poopsack3652d ago

I don't get it... playstation home looks better than this and its on a console... could it be? EA has let down their flagship franchise.

Zinny3652d ago

That looks awful it looks like a slighty better Sims 2. I'll pass.

poopsack3652d ago

Thats The Sims 2™ : Better Graphics and Open World Gameplay! Expansion Pack

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The story is too old to be commented.