Out This Week: New Releases (28th April – 4th May)

I’m excited for this week, excited and jealous. Excited because FarCry3: Blood Dragon comes out, it’s got 8 hours of awesome retro themed FPS action. And very VERY jealous because Soul Sacrifice is coming out and I don’t have a Vita, it sucks. But even though I am jealous, I decided to make Soul Sacrifice my pick of the week. Not like any of you care.

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Chuk51817d ago

Blood dragon looks like the crackdown sequel (smashed into a regan-era cartoon/sega genesis/ 80s action movie meat grinder) I wanted but never got. I donèt wanna get my hopes up to high. I thought Dead light was gonna be incredible, but was let down and everything look so right there.

Most of my problems with FC3 were with the character, narrative, and jarring video game-ass video game trimmings (XP bar called XP bar, Skill Trees that essentially never mattered cause you basically got everything, etc.). But the thematic premise of blood Dragon basically does away with all that, because it leans into stupidity. I love stupidity done ironically.

1817d ago