Capcom: Spark got Lost Planet 3 job because 'good' developers wouldn't want it

Spark Unlimited was given the job of developing Lost Planet 3 because "'good' developers" wouldn't have wanted to work on the IP, the game's producer has suggested.

"We really needed to find a developer that could work on a collaboration," Andrew Szymanski told, while explaining the reasons why Capcom chose to outsource Lost Planet 3 to Spark. "I think that what a lot of people don't realise... is, some of the best-known developers - or quote, unquote, the 'good' developers, if you want to call it that - for good reason they want to work on the stuff they want to work on.

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majiebeast1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Good way of promoting this game... So good developers wouldnt wanna do it, cause its a shitty IP?

CarlosX3601695d ago

...You couldn't resist, could you. Companies have their reasons for not doing other companies' IP's. For example, Gearbox could've developed a Call of Duty title, but because they feel their creative freedom would be stifled, they shunned it.


majiebeast1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Cod is a shitty IP aswell hasnt changed a bit since Cod 4 and even re-uses the same areas, i wouldnt want to work on that. Plus Kotick doesnt allow creative freedom at work, unless he can sell it.

nukeitall1695d ago


Say what you want about CoD, but it is still the largest console game.

Many developers can only dream of working on CoD. Gearbox is just big enough and has a few good IPs of their own, they would rather explore.

DevilishSix1695d ago

lol, we clearly see what Gearbox does with its' creative freedom....Ladies and gentlemen I give you Aliens: Colonial Marines.

ritsuka6661695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Off all people to comment,majiebeast is the least informative and respected opinion. Considering this guy were here in these site trolling in all articles.

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coolbeans1695d ago

It's tough for me to tell which is a more sensational reading of the producer's quote: the title or your comment.

j-blaze1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

you mean one of the best IPs this gen, i wouldn't lie if i say i enjoyed Lost Planet more than any uncharted "now this is a overrated shitty ip imo!" game..sad Capcom butchered the franchise with LP3 :'(

Good_Guy_Jamal1695d ago

Talk about twisting words to make a sensational headline.

FortKnight1695d ago

This kinda shit really pisses me off.

bunt-custardly1695d ago

In a nutshell what is being said is, "good" developers or should that be "more successful" developers are more likely to present their own IPs rather than want to work on existing IPs. Spark was available to collaborate on this project.

Headline is hit hungry and somewhat misleading really.

cleft51695d ago

So glad for the N4G comment section.

ironfist921695d ago

I feel like im the only one who enjoys the Lost Planet franchise. Its kinda like Monster hunter with guns and mechs, imo.

Kurt Russell1695d ago

I enjoyed the 1st one. I didn't know what the hell I was supposed to do in the 2nd one and lost interest.

Gamer-Z1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

I liked the first Lost Planet, the mechs where pretty cool it kinda reminded me of Gundam.

Jdoki1695d ago

I very much enjoyed the first despite it's ridiculous story and flaws.

Not got round to the second one yet

nukeitall1695d ago

I second this, I enjoyed the first one a lot. Was a fan, but then the second one came out and they took out the story and focused too much on multi-player.

Which would have been ok, if it was a good game.

So, second round is still waiting for me on the shelf after I got it for $10. There are far better games I would rather play so it will have to wait indefinitely.

BrianC62341695d ago

There's a selling point. Buy this game. The developer is crappy but maybe the game will be good.

Tultras1695d ago

You know that makes no sense right?

Tultras1695d ago

The developer is crappy, but maybe the game will be good??

How can a game be good if it's being developed by a terrible developer.

That's like saying " I suck at cooking but I make good food. "

MidnytRain1695d ago

LOL, Tultras, I believe Brian's first post was sarcasm.

Tultras1694d ago

oh.... I'm a sucker for sarcasm actually so I wouldn't get it. :p

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