Dead Island: Riptide Tips, Tricks, and a Guide on How To Save Your Brains

GR: Many key locations in the game respawn essential items like med packs, Molotovs, and items you can sell to certain NPCs for money and XP. One example of this is the first safe house you end up in where Molotovs and flare gun ammo re-spawn regularly after you revisit the area. If you haven't been back to a safe house for a while, chances are items you can use to restock your main inventory will be available again. This can save you a lot of money as health packs and bombs can cost as much as $500 each.

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dbjj120882058d ago

I'll need this or else I'll go insane on my journey to the Platinum Trophy.

Wedge192058d ago

Ah the quest for the platinum. Hopefully this one is a little more forgiving than the first one was.

doctorstrange2058d ago

Step 1, don't buy the game

gamernova2057d ago

Look at this guy trying to put those down that actually love dead island lol

OpenGL2057d ago

I thought the comment was funny albeit somewhat expected

I enjoyed the original game though so I might pick this up when it goes on sale via Steam

BattleTorn2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

I'm so happy I bought this game!

If you played the original, and liked it despite all the issues. Then there's a good chance you'll love this one too!

Sure, it definitely has flaws and lacks polish, but fans of the first best know beforehand to expect more of the same.

Still the best (co-op) Zombie-RPG on the market, if ya ask me.
Can't wait to get home :D