Dead Island: Riptide Preview – New Story, Location, Characters, Weapons & Gameplay

Dead Island: Riptide the sequel to Dead Island was officially announced back in June of 2012 that it was currently in development by developers at Techland Studios & that it will be released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox360 & PC on April 23rd, 2013. Dead Island: Riptide will feature new mutated zombies, dynamic weather systems, varied environments & new “hub defence” missions.

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Serjikal_Strike1700d ago

Hell yeah, I am excited for this game.
Dont care if it looks the same, this is all about gameplay and its awesome to play with headphones

NastyLeftHook01700d ago

dead island had an incredible amount of weapons.

gamernova1699d ago

I pre-ordered on steam already. Tuesday!!!!! :)

FlyingFoxy1699d ago

first one was rubbish, ran fine on my comp but the collission detection is crap and the camera swing is poor. Feels like controlling a boat out to sea rather than a character!

buy this game if you want to feel sickly, also its got nothing on Left 4 Dead 2 or Killing Floor in the fun department, it's really dull.

shammgod1699d ago

Looking forward to Tuesday!

Umbasa1699d ago

Had a blast with the first one, cant wait to jump back into this world again.

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