Nintendo discusses why it returns to existing franchises

GS:GameSpot spoke with Nintendo director of product marketing Bill Trinen after the presentation about why the company continues to return to its existing franchises.

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NYC_Gamer2042d ago

Nintendo would rather play it safe instead of taking the risk of creating new characters&franchises

LOL_WUT2042d ago

Yeah it's a vicious cycle one that Nintendo could possibly never get out of. ;)

PopRocks3592042d ago

Why are you singling out Nintendo? This is something a ton of publishers do. Outside of Journey, I dare you to name any recent media driven release that wasn't an adaptation, sequel or reboot.

Baka-akaB2042d ago

While they are milked now or will be if successful enough , we still had new ips and creation like Assassin creed , Watchdogs , dragon's dogma , once every while from likewise big publishers .

Big difference between taking few chances and taking none .

Even activision will be soon pushing Destiny and Capcom will release Remember me .

And amidst those both constructors and publishers , you got new blood once everywhile . This gen i can only think of Xenoblade and Last story for nintendo , wich is infuriating given how great they are .

Ron_Danger2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )


Not sure if serious...

But just off the top of my head:

Most Kinnect only games
Most PS Move games
Guacamelee (which came out last week)
All of the Augmented Reality games on the Vita
Soul Sacrifice (later this month)
The Last of Us (June)

There are more, but I figured I put in as much effort in my comment as you did with yours comment.


miyamoto2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Nintendo is the Peter Pan of gaming. heck Link was inspired by Peter Pan.

Thank goodness, Sega and PlayStation convinced the world that console gaming is not only young kids play things.

If Nintendo had their way until today

Fierce Musashi2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

lol With so many already under their belt that could use some attention, can't say I could blame them. Besides, there are many people who would actually like to see these familiar faces dusted off or get to see the light of day. Nintendo has seen this with Earthbound.

And anyway, that statement is not even entirely true. They've already made a few on the 3DS. =/

Hingle_Mcringleberry2042d ago

Also known as continuing to be profitable in the face of harsh economic times.

Let's look at the champion of risks and new ideas and see how their doing in the financial sphere.

*takes a look*

Yeah I don't see why Nintendo would want to emulate those guys, they aren't making alot of profit and they are putting people out of work.
Can't blame Nintendo for wanting to do what works for them so well. That's not how you run a business. When this current strategy begins to lose it's potency then you can start taking risks to remedy the situation.

Mounce2042d ago

Regarding the Title though especially...

Nintendo discusses why it RETURNS to existing franchises?!

That implies they ever left a franchise, they're ALWAYS using the same

It's like, maybe some could consider it for a return to Kirby or Donkey Kong or Starfox after a longer period of time in comparison to Zelda and Mario and Mario and Mario.

But still, it's always the same franchises in the end. I want Nintendo to make NEW franchises and compete with new ideas of the current generation, how many IP's Microsoft and Sony combined had made this generation completely blows Nintendo away in terms of variety and sustenance.

The only acceptable thing I'd take from Nintendo is if they bloody returned to the MOTHER series and gave it the respect it deserves instead of fumbling it under the table.

from the beach2042d ago

They've recently done a great job bringing back a number of long-dormant franchises - Donkey Kong Country, Punchout, Sin & Punishment, Kid Icarus, Excitebike.

Then people say where's F Zero? Where's Star Fox? Where's Metroid? Where's Wave Race?

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millzy1022042d ago

because people buy and play them so there's a market, when they sell 30m retail units of Mario kart (no other publisher has ever sold that many units of a single game on one platform and many many strugle to reach 5m on multiple platforms) you think there not going to make another one. like it or not all of Nintendo's main franchises are the highest selling and amoungst the highest rated games. they also make new IPs but everyone dismisses them because there not Mario or zelda. regardless if you don't like Nintendo franchises but millions and millions of people do. how many final fantasy games, metal gear games, cod, splinter cell, assassins creed, resident evil and silent hill games are there just to name a few, and uncharted has only been around 5 years and has 4 games already along with a board game. every company does it not just nintendo

Skips2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

"like it or not all of Nintendo's main franchises are the highest selling and amoungst the highest rated games."

Most of them are rated so high just because of nostalgia and it's name. lol

Say if the new Mario Kart game wasn't named Mario Kart and had COMPLETELY NEW and DIFFERENT characters. LIKE NEW NEW. But with the EXACT same gameplay. I doubt people would be rating it as high. Same with all their other franchises. Nostalgia can be one hell of a drug.

Also reason why their first party titles sell so well is because people USUALLY ONLY play first party games on Nintendo consoles.

Notice how third party games usually don't appear on Nintendo consoles, and the ones that do, usually tend to flop?

" they also make new IPs but everyone dismisses them because there not Mario or zelda."

Or maybe they just aren't good?

"uncharted has only been around 5 years and has 4 games already along with a board game."

Do you honestly believe Sony will keep making Uncharted games 10 years from now? lmao.

RFornillos42042d ago

Do you honestly believe Sony will keep making Uncharted games 10 years from now?

- if there's still a big market for Uncharted games 10 years from now, then it's not a far-fetched idea. some time along, they may "re-boot" the game, just coz they can.

as with my response to millzy, big game companies are driven by sales. if something sells well, they will continue to make something out of it.

i agree that nostalgia contributes a lot to this. but undeniably, nostalgia or not, the figures will speak for themselves. now, let's say theoretically, people stops buying any Mario game, do you really think Nintendo will still make them? i'm saying theoretically because the odds of that happening isn't anytime soon. while some people get tired of mario games, more are born by parents who are fond of them and introduce their kids to Mario.

Skips2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )


I get your point.

All I'm saying is it wouldn't hurt if Nintendo tried creating some new IP's THAT THEY ACTUALLY PUSH HARD FOR. Like same budget, development time, and marketing, etc. etc. as some of their MAIN IP's.

Look, I'm all for giving fans what they expect and love from past franchises.

But the reason I play video games is not to just "re-live" or "re-imagine" past experiences. But to also take part in new ones.

: /

RFornillos42042d ago

exactly what i was thinking. a lot of people hate nintendo for supposedly "milking" the same characters, when in fact 10-20 years from now, assuming Sony, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft or any of the big game publishers are still in business and their IP's still popular, we'll most likely be seeing more Halos, Uncharted, GOW, BF, COD, Assassin's Creed, etc.

these companies unfortunately are headed by business people. and not all of 'em are into "creative" things. first priority will always be the income they can get from an IP. if it sells, make a sequel/prequel/etc. strike while the iron is hot. when popularity starts waning, then that's the time they find another IP to "milk".

undeniably, while a lot here is saying that they're tired of Mario this and Mario that (or Zelda this and that); when you look at figures, Mario and Zelda games are some of bestselling games out there.

mcstorm2042d ago

That was well said. The one thing Nintendo do is not release many numbers of one type of game to. FZero, Star Fox to name a few has not been on every console and then games like Mario Kart, Mario Football, Tennis ect only have one game each gen.

Also Nintendo make different types of games with Mario to. We have Racing, RPG, Puzzle's, 3D, 2D, fighting ect. No people may complain bout this but Sony are now looking at doing this with SackBoy. We have has LBP 1 2, Vita as well as a Karting and sackboy being in PS all stars.

Nintendo have a lot of IP's and they have new ways at making there games look and feel. Look at Zelda for example.

Ide rather Nintendo do this then seeing a new COD that plays and feel the same every year.

RTheRebel2042d ago

Keep Em coming Nintendo the best IP's in the business along with Valve =)

whamlollypop72042d ago

Nintendo is going to ride the nostalgia train until it derails. Been saying this for years they have a lot in common with Activision same thing every year but they sell millions.

daclynk2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

And now all the Haters started crying and bitching coz all these games are going to sell millions and Fans,Fan-boys are happy coz games like Starfox,f-zero,Wave race and more will be coming back. LOL.

Sanquine902042d ago

Tell me when? I want to play them... My wii U is slowly dying because it is getting no games... NintendoFAIL If they only release games for 3ds i never bought that thing

daclynk2042d ago

Nobody forced you to buy it. The 3ds had the same problem last year when everyone was saying its doomed coz it wasnt getting games but look at it now. Same will go for the Wii U. Lol

Sanquine902042d ago

You better be right;) and yeah The 3DS is amazing now

MasterCornholio2042d ago

If we fail to learn from history than we are doomed to repeat it.

If you analyze Nintendos history they had several systems fail on the market. And if Nintendo isn't careful the Wii U could become the next GameCube.

Just because Nintendo managed to turn around the 3DS doesn't mean that they will be able to do the same with the Wii U.

I hope for Nintendo's sake that the Wii U turns out to be a successful console however I would hate it if the tablet controller becomes the standard in the gaming industry so in other words I don't want them to succeed too much. There has to be some consoles on the market that cater to the core and at the moment Sony are the only ones focused on that. Maybe Microsoft will surprise us with the 720 but I have my doubts ever since they created the Kinectbox360.

Motorola RAZR i

daclynk2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

why not if you play games like Zombi U and NintendoLand is brings something new and fresh to the gaming industry. We cant have the same thing over and over again. That what was said when they brought the D pad,shoulder buttons,joystick,wireless controller, motion control and touch screen. People dont understand it so they say its a gimmick. Nintendo always brings new and fresh and will always be emulated years later.

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