PlayStation Plus Update: Malicious Free for Members


"This week, we hope you’ll join us in welcoming Malicious to the Instant Game Collection! Download it for free starting with tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update."

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Rockefellow1535d ago

I really wanted to like Malicious, but the controls were so horrid, it was basically unplayable.

I'll wait for some reviews on Dragon Fantasy. It looks like it could be a bit of fun, but I'm skeptical of the game's mobile phone origins.

Avernus1535d ago

Yea Malicious looks really cool, but I haven't got a chance to try it yet. Tomorrow I'll give it go.

Rockefellow1535d ago

It is cool. It's got a great style, and feels almost like an arena-style fighter with Megaman roots.

Just try to remain calm when you first realize how shoddy the controls are. You'll acclimate eventually, but its truly a wonder that they made them so bad.

RyuCloudStrife1535d ago

Dragon Fantasy is looking good too.

Simon_Brezhnev1535d ago

It's not unplayable u just have to adjust. I got the game.

Rockefellow1535d ago

Yes, I said that already. It's certainly not a game that you can pick up and play with any intuition.

Ilovetheps41535d ago

Malicious looks really cool based on the trailers. I'll definitely try it out tomorrow. I hope it's a decent game.

thechosenone1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I'm starting to really love Tue, now that I'm a PS+ member. :D

rezzah1535d ago

was planning on getting it for the vita because it has 2 extra bosses, but free is the better deal.

OllieBoy1535d ago

Nice Sale on GTA games. I think think I'll finally grab Chinatown Wars.