Listing for new Elder Scrolls game appears in Australian classification database

Something called The Elder Scrolls: Arena has appeared in Australia’s Video Game Classification Database.

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cloud4951625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I'm guessing it's a remake or HD release. I don't think they would create a whole new game with the same title as a previous game.

Steveeeep1625d ago

Rather than DLC for skyrim I would LOVE to see a completely new ES game, even a remake would be awesome. The original ES: arena was before my gaming time..... 100's of besotted hours of skyrim mean Ive seen it all unfortunately. I miss that amazing buzzy joygasm I get in ES games when I finish the training sequence/dungeon and look out at the unexplored land in front of me to excitedly think "S*** all this to explore"....

stu8881625d ago

Could it be DLC for Skyrim? Wished they'd put an Arena in Skyrim like Oblivion.

Donnieboi1625d ago

Could Arena be the new official name of Elder Scrolls Online?

Aratax1625d ago

Arena was the fist TES game so that would be highly unlikely

seanpitt231625d ago

I best get fallout 4 on next gen or I will cry