3 things that could have made BioShock: Infinite even better writes:

"Despite all its praise, BioShock: Infinite could have been something even more special. There are areas that seem underdeveloped, and ideas that were sadly left on the cutting room floor that oozed a degree of ambition that is conspicuously lacking in the final (admittedly polished) product.

Here’s 3 things that could have made BioShock: Infinite even better."

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MontyQ1779d ago

clibby b t-bagin my face would make this AAA

Crazyglues1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

A Much better ending, the ending was stupid...

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EditorAtGNG1779d ago

You probably didn't get it but it's ok.

Dms20121779d ago

Why is everyone saying that "If you didn't like the ending, you probably didn't understand it"? Maybe they understood it but didn't find it particularly interesting or thought provoking. Or am I dealing with geniuses here? Didn't think so....

Crazyglues1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

@ Dragonshardz

Oh I got it, I just didn't like it... and I'll probably get a lot of flak for this but ok, let me explain... here is what I understood to be the ending -SPOILER ALERT-

What I should say though, is, I was just a little disappointed because I was expecting something epic, Like for example - if you remember the ending in Bioshock One when he leaves the underground world and frees the little girl...

I thought we were going back for a reason, I thought they showed that old bioshock front doors to say, "you never left rapture, that you in-fact were dreaming that ending, but what really happened was you never left rapture, you never left -The big daddy suit- booker dewit a worker who put on the big daddy suit to work in rapture before it all went to hell..

I was so excited because that had never been done in a game, were you would change the ending of the first game by telling the player when you thought you escaped you actually hit your head and you were captured.. you never left rapture you never freed Elizabeth, you have been dreaming the whole city in the sky.. you have actually been in a coma...

and that would explain why you keep waking up in the room were they say give us the child and wipe away the debt... and why the cycle keeps repeating, every time with another version of Elizabeth.. -and when he loses Elizabeth only for a second, and he hears on the speaker that she has been waiting for him for years..

and when she says to booker, your nose is bleeding and all the people who have been killed their nose was bleeding..

So the coma thing made more sense to me like when Bruce wills in six sense never spoke to his wife because he was really dead, but his mind made him think it was because they were fighting..

So when I got to the end I was about to bow down to the game gods and thank them for making the most epic game I have ever played - because I thought they were going to say you got hit on his nose and went into a coma, you have never left rapture, you never escaped and you didn't free anyone.. To me that would have been so epic..

- but they went another route with the ending, which to me and IMO didn't really make much sense.. seemed a little silly and too far out there..

-but maybe it was because I was expecting my ending... I was preparing to drop my jaw at the ending like people did at the end of six sense when you found out he was dead and had been dead all that time.. - to me my ending would have made much more sense and been an epic ending to a great game..

-but I still enjoyed the game.. I just had a more epic idea in my head of how it was going to end.

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Loki861778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

That explanation made absolutely no sense and sounds like something an unfinished game would throw together last minute. The ending was perfect because it is both tragic and happy. It is complete and ties up every loose end while having that one moment of realization that just makes your jaw drop in disbelief. Couldn't think of a better ending for a universe like infinite.

SCW19821779d ago

Didn't have enough boobs and explosions for you I am guessing. Or was it the fact that you didn't get to throw a knife slow motion and someone's face that made it stupid for you? Either way glad I don't know you.

Summons751779d ago

I disagree with the 3rd point. I felt it had Rapture's personality, I kept walking around the fair imagining that this would be Rapture before it fell apart into chaos. And Elizabeth's powers did have consequences though not to her. Seeing people go crazy when you kill their other world conter part gave me the creeps every time.

EditorAtGNG1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

1. You can't really expect everything they've shown on demos to end up in the final game. To be honest, I was quite pleased with the overall feel and look of the final version of the game (yes, it did lack the certain BOOM elements from the demos but that didn't made it less exciting).

2. Definitely agree with the second one - even as I was playing (ordering Elizabeth to open rifts for medkits/ammo) I kept my eye on her in case she suffered some kind of fatigue or a prompt that she couldn't use her powers. It really bothered me in the beginning since she felt invulnerable and somewhat detached from the world / combat / etc (besides from the fact that enemies ignore her completely) but I went with it.

3. Yes, Rapture was great and had this awesome disturbing personas but guess what - we're no longer in Rapture, hence, judge Columbia by its own merits. I mean, really, there's so much going on (parallel universes, social struggles and oppression, emotional ties and confronting ideals...) and you keep going back to Rapture. It worked there. It had its own theme. This is different. Learn to appreciate it.

Roccetarius1779d ago

As far as 1 goes, i think it's because the game had some troubled development. Maybe there were even more interesting parts, but the delays did give a bad signal.

I also think, that the scrapped content will be in DLC.

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