Sleeping Dogs Will Get An Unofficial Multiplayer Mode Thanks To Modders, First Test Footage Revealed

DSOGaming writes: "here is no denying that Sleeping Dogs is a great game.Yes, it had its issues but overall, it was a great title that lacked only one thing; a multiplayer mode. Well, just like with Just Cause 2, the modding community comes to the rescue and is currently working on a mod that will add a multiplayer mode to United Front Games' open-world title."

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Snookies121923d ago

Why is it that modders always do cooler things than the actual developers...? -_-

zeal0us1923d ago

Modders aren't constraint by time or a budget, could be a factor. Not mention no overload(s) telling them what they are allowed/not allowed to do with(or in) the game.

DarkBlood1923d ago

your last sentence pretty much sums it up

3-4-51923d ago

Basically they are in complete control, and when you give control to somebody who actually knows what they are doing you get good games.

The problem is the industry gets these "money" guys to come in and run it like a different type of business and the gaming industry just won't tolerate it for too long.

IK IR Y IP T1923d ago

its easy they love the game and love to game...

Somebody1923d ago

I've seen the total mayhem (in a good way) modders did with Just Cause 2 so I can't wait for Sleeping Dog's.

specialguest1923d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

The modding community are amazing. This is one of the many things i love about pc gaming.

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