Memo to Square Enix

GameTrailers: "The future adventures of Square Enix could be final unless the RPG giant starts spending gil on games that people want."

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DaThreats1834d ago

We want FF13vs!!
And PS exclsuive like the good old days!

Snookies121834d ago

Well, they kind of are doing a lot of PS3 exclusive stuff lately... Consider that VSXIII is still PS exclusive that we know of, we're getting X/X-2 HD exclusive, as well as Kingdom Hearts HD exclusive. It's kind of interesting when you think that every other 3rd party studio that has done an HD collection has done an Xbox version as well except for SE.

Skips1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

With Wada out of the way. Looks like they're itching to get back to the glory PS1-PS2 days... by NOT trying to appeal to the Western audience.

Let's hope what they announce at E3 isn't disappointing. : /

VSXIII PS4 exclusive!



KingKelloggTheWH1834d ago

After all the time of going around and saying its PS-exclusive it would be bad if they went multiplat with it.

Kurisu1834d ago

Me, me, me! The demo was so good, wish I never downloaded it in a way because I know that it's a good game but I'm never going to get to play it...unless SE pull their finger out.

Capt-FuzzyPants1834d ago

Although KH BBS or KH DDD may not have a number, I wouldn't call them spioffs. They are essential to the main story and there is no argument against it. There just isn't. Maybe they shouldn't have been on portables, but at least Birth By Sleep will get a remaster on consoles.

All in all though. I think lately they have been taking steps in the right direction. At least attempting to save FF14 may not be best for the company economically, but it is in their best interests for the fans. Lightning Returns will be the end of the ff 13 trilogy. And that whole debocle should be over. There will likely be news on Versus at E3 and I really do think it will be a good game. And like the video said the survey that goes along with Agni's Philosophy is good if they decide to do something with it.

If they go back to the PS1 days and they make new original RPGs along with releasing an FF every couple of years and finish off this saga of KH, then I think SE will be in good shape.

darthseth241834d ago

Colin Moriarty has from IGN has been saying that for awhile now about square-enix.

adventureghost1241834d ago

Square, I want to love you but you keep on screwing up. Nobody wants Final Fantasy XIII-3 they want either versus or 13. It also amazes me how they did not even profit of Tomb Raider because of spending $100,000,000 in development. Also because of putting the directors cut of Human revolution was a stupid idea because the wii u has 3.5 million users and considering they only sold that much on both Xbox and PS3 It will put them even deeper in the red. The only thing that has been good recently is the HD remakes. Pleese Square we want the company back that gave us FF7 Kingdom Hearts 1&2 the originals!

Godmars2901834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Wouldn't mind a game that uses 13-3's engine and mechanics - so long as its story are world were individually developed, rather than a pile of convoluted pretentious pap built atop two other piles of convoluted pretentious pap.

humbleopinion1834d ago

Tomb Raider sold over 3.5 copies excluding digital in a single month. Even if the dev budget was 100M (and it didn't), the game would have still made a good pile of money.

adventureghost1241834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

It sold A LITTLE over 3.5 and its POSSIBLE over 6 months it might get to 4 million. But they did spend 100 Mil in production alone. Square Enix stated they did not make any money off of it. Because of their old President Yoichi Wada thought that it would definitely sell over 5-6 million. Which would explain why he put that much money into production, but what startles me is that he was expecting those kinds of numbers to push from a game series that has not been touched in half a decade and has not sold such numbers since the first PlayStation. That's why I was angry. Square is pushing themselves into the red. I just hope it will not end up like THQ if it continues the route its been on for the past several years.

humbleopinion1834d ago

As I said: SE never spent 100M on production. You simply don't understand how redicilous this number is and instead rely on some poor analysts who themselves have no actual knowledge on the real production costs. SE never stated anything close to that number (which is double the costs of some of the biggest IPs this gen and more)

As for sales expectations: they were never derived by Yoichi Wada but rather by a team of suits in marketing. 3.5M copies in a month is still a huge number of copies for a single player game. How many games do pull that number?
I believe that SE is in much better shape than THQ - mainly thanks to the purchase of Eidos. They pumped out games with high quality and slowly build back old brands which got a bit lost, but this takes time: Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, Hitman and pretty soon Thief. You can't turn around half a decade of neglect after a single release, but I'm pretty sure that they are taking all these franchises in a very good direction now.

StrawHatPatriot1834d ago

They will probably fall so far down that they have to focus their efforts on one final game.... that game will be a role-playing game, that they will call "Ultimate" since it's their final, most hard-working project.

Then it sells 11 Million worldwide, and it's the same story all over again.

wishingW3L1834d ago

Square was never in bankruptcy when they made FF. That's just an urban legend that was debunked years ago by Hironobu Sakaguchi. He even says that he has absolutely no idea from where the rumor came from but that it was probably a mistranslation.

It's the same with people calling Inafune the father of Megaman when he says at every interview that he did not create it. That it was his mentor who created it with some ideas that came from a friend, the creator of Metroid (which again, Metroid wasn't created by Miyamoto like many people seem to believe).

The Great Melon1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Rest in peace Gunpei Yokoi. You gave us the Game Boy and Metroid along with my other classics. =(

The Great Melon1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

ahhhh!!!! ---> many* not my, but many

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