Street Fighter IV - More screenshots published a new batch of Street Fighter IV screenshots. Enjoy.

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killer_trap3538d ago

please be careful while walking in this space. there are still some jaw pieces I'm trying to find.

GUNS N SWORDS3538d ago

chunli's fingers look like big fat french fries.

i think they when a little bit to beefy there, graphics look nice though.

Yi-Long3538d ago

... Ken still looks absolutely horrible, with his ugly face and OTT yellow hair.

...and I keep hoping they'll fix Ryu, so he just looks more like the orginal design, and not like a westernized dude with a bad hairdo and blue eyes.

Most of the other characters look great though, and I especially love Chun Li.

Genki3538d ago

but I still say the visual fidelity isn't up to snuff. Tekken 5 looks better than this game. Soul Calibur 3 looks better than this. That's unsat.

mighty_douche3538d ago

Tekken 5? Do you mean 6?

Either way, i agree with you, they haven't gone down the route that i would of like that's for sure. Still, i think the character models look much better on the darker stage's but it's still all a little to "American". I'm not sure exactly where Ryu is meant to originate from but I'm pretty sure it's somewhere Asian.

I'm still gonna pick it up on release, Street Fighter is gameplay first and at least in that respect SF4 look's great.

Genki3538d ago

Like I said, it seems to play very well, and I love how fluid the animations are, but the detail in the visuals are at a criminally low level. And yes, I did indeed mean Tekken Five and Soul Calibur Three.

I'll probably pick this up and enjoy it though, but all I'm saying is I'm not happy with the looks.

mighty_douche3538d ago

Well there's always the new king of fighters bro (as long as it gets a home release), 100% hand drawn animation and pure 2D (exactly what I hoped SF would of been)

Anyway, I'll be happy to kick your ass on either later this year : )

jinn3538d ago

screenshots always bluff

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