AMD: There won't be a DirectX 12 we will integrate "other technologies" into our GPUs.

Taylor was responding to a question about next-generation GPUs and technologies that they can be built around, where Taylor replied they'd normally build them around new DirectX versions to help the next-generation GPU architectures, but there won't be a DirectX 12, which means AMD's next-gen GPUs will integrate other technologies.

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yewles11840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

*popcorn and 3D glasses* *anticipates the stupid*

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1840d ago

OpenGl I hope. Sick of depending on this one company that hates games.

hiredhelp1840d ago

Sick of depending on this one company that hates games.

That a joke..

Elite_7371840d ago

I don't know why you got so many dislikes. OpenGL does everything DirectX does, except it works on any platform (including PS3, PS4, Linux, Mac, etc). With DirectX, you have to rely on microsoft to get good updates, and even then It only works on Windows and Xbox. If OpenGL becomes the standard in graphics APIs, there probably would be a lot more games that support other operating system.

LAWSON721840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

No joke, MS does not care about games they care about sales and apparently they think apps with tv, movies, music,and sports will get them more money and sales. They would rather work on games that are fun for mom and daughter than make a new ip that is for the core gamer.

3-4-51840d ago

uhh..I have AMD...always have...I've always been able to play games fine....

You lie

adorie1840d ago

I'm guessing plenty of people here don't see why getting rid of Direct X would be better going forward.
Complacency and chasing a mould only hold this industry back.

Ju1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

While OpenGL is a nice open API (I use it primarily) it has it's limits when it comes to system integration. Its memory management will never be integrated into the OS - it would require a kernel level implementation, not just a driver. Same with the mess which is OpenCL in combination with OpenGL. Two competing API (almost frameworks) which battle for compute resources. This could be done much more efficient if done within one implementation. OGL 4.3 compute shader are almost inaccessible because while the standard has been released for a while almost no driver supports it. And OpenGL adds quite a bit of API overhead. But, well, DX locks you into Windows. Not much of a choice here either way.

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psp2roundup1840d ago

Are we going back to GLIDE?

darthv721840d ago

I hope so. It would mean I can resurrect my Voodoo5 5500 again.

legend9111840d ago

This will help with cross platform games, as well as graphics and optimizations as this will allow for more competitive development.

strigoi8141840d ago

Coz we will jump and use direct x13...lolz

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