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Submitted by izumo_lee 1037d ago | news

How a tiny indie studio got noticed by PlayStation

The creator of Dragon Fantasy Adam Rippon tells his story of how his game made it to Playstation.


"It's been absolutely wonderful working with Sony. Everything that we need they make it happen, and I can't stress enough that Sony is fantastic. I know I sound like I'm just shilling, they're not paying me to say this. Seriously, it's awesome." (Dev, Indie, PlayStation, PS Vita, PS3, Retro, Sony)

clintos59  +   1037d ago
This is why as a gamer I love sony aswell because they show all devs love especially when they are creative & want to try something new sony is open arms to those devs. This is why games like Heavenly Sword, Heavy Rain, Two Souls, The Last Guardian, Journey & many more i didnt add on would "Never" come out on a microsoft console is because they would "Never" spend money on an IP they weren't sure was going to sell. Thank u sony for all these amazing new games u give us.

Im glad small indie devs are showing love to a great company that cares for their fanbase. Not just casual, they care for "All" of them. Take lessons microsoft.
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Ezz2013  +   1037d ago
as much as studios like TGC studio need to get all the credit for making a incredible games like journey,flower
sony deserve the same credit as well
because without sony those games would never exist
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Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1036d ago
You win bro.

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miyamoto  +   1036d ago
Only Sony
Ezz2013  +   1036d ago
what this mean ?! do you ever have something usefull to add ?!
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Lvl_up_gamer  +   1036d ago
He is saying that you are kissing Sony's ass.

How do you know that without Sony, those games would never have existed?

What proof do you have?

Have you spoken with TGC and discussed with them that without Sony TGC had NO OTHER OPTION available to them to produce a game? That it could NEVER have EVER made it to PC and Steam? That publishers like EA, Activision or Blizzard would NEVER have given them the time of day to help publish the game?

Ezzo you are being extremely narrow minded and so just because games like Flower and Journey are exclusive on the Sony system, you seem to thin that it was ONLY SONY that made it possible to have those 2 games ever get made.

Just fanboyism dribble like usual on this site.
gaffyh  +   1036d ago
If you told anyone in 2006 that Sony would be being praised by both gamers and developers in 2013, and MS would be being berated by gamers and developers, they would literally have punched you in the face. But that's what's happening. I can't quite believe it.
Ezz2013  +   1036d ago
lol Talk about kissing ass and extremely narrow minded
you are the last person on the internet who should say that

as for TGC
they are the one who said that about sony :

""When we were poor kids out of college, Sony offered to fund three games from us, which was a dream come true. There's no way we could have made "flOw" or "Flower" or "Journey". The catch is - they are all exclusive to the PS3."""

and they made 3 games not two
wanna get owned in something else ?!
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izumo_lee  +   1037d ago
It makes you wonder what the quote "There's another company we had been trying to talk to, just never went anywhere. They like to send rejection letters that say absolutely nothing." Adam was referring to.

The way Sony is supporting & backing these Indie devs is really interesting. The games are cheap & often times can make it big like the games from TGC. By supporting more Indie Sony is at a win win situation. Spend a little to possibly gain a lot.
clintos59  +   1036d ago
Exactly it's my dream to work in the gaming industry & I love the fact that even for a unknow tiny company with creative ideas, if there is a company that would give u a chance to create it, sony is the best choice because they are open to new ideas.


I totally agree. U definitely gotta give credit to the devs 1st but without a publisher like sony who gives u these opportunities u may never have the chance to show it. This is why I hate the way microsoft treats devs & their own fanbase. U would think with all the money they have that they would be the publishers doing all these small unknow devs a favor but it's definitely not the case & shows just how greedy they are.
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Williamson  +   1037d ago
Im suprised to see an article like this on n4g. All ive seen the last two days are "wii U doomed" and "next xbox always online" articles, quite sickening to see same shit like that over and over.
sithsylar  +   1036d ago
Yeah i know right, im almost down to my last bag of popcorn! I can't continue eating like this damn it...
Why o why  +   1036d ago
I clicked here just because of those articles polluting up the place........detox. I'm feeling better already.

Nice story.
Mr_Writer85  +   1036d ago
I will be buying this title for the following reasons

1) it looks like an old school FF, which I'm crying out for

2) the fact Sony want it and have chucked money at it. We should encourage them to carry on doing this and you do that by buying titles.

3) the guy making the game seems passionate, like alot of indies. Now don't get me wrong there are still many who can match this passion at one of the big boys. But you just don't see it any more, we need passionate people in the industry and we need them to be vocal.
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sithsylar  +   1036d ago
You are crying out for an old school FF, you and me both buddy. Its a shame game developers now and days are going towards the masses and not the fans. Its why there has been fuck all games like that in quite some time.

EDIT: its why i think indies are our only hope. Problem for me is i want more D & D games but indies won't get the license and the only games made from D&D rules are for the masses :(.
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ElementX  +   1036d ago
Well basically anything made with RPG Maker is going to play like old-school FF games. You really should check out Steam Greenlight for a lot of indie RPG games and there are many other websites out there catering to indie development.

Personally, I don't like old-school as much because to me it's "been there done that" when I was growing up.
Sarobi  +   1036d ago
"Everything that we need they make it happen, and I can't stress enough that Sony is fantastic."
This says a lot about Sony.
Ezz2013  +   1036d ago
indeed it say alot about them
just look at ps3
still getting exclusives and more still to come even though ps4 is revealed already
they won't drop ps3 owners like sack of potato

that's company every gamer should support
KwietStorm  +   1036d ago
I think there are countless extremely passionate developers out there. It's the publishers who aren't involved with the actual creative process, who usually don't share that same love.
Williamson  +   1036d ago
Just read the article again and Im happy for the creator of this game for his dream to come true. I just love reading about things like this in this industry, good job sony for helping out.
Viper7  +   1036d ago
Sounds promising, lots of the indies have gone strictly mobile and/or PC mainly due to the fact how difficult and expensive it has been to get something on consoles.

If Sony does this right, the indies might be actually the ones to boost up Vita sales. Each of these has a chance to become hit like Minecraft.
sithsylar  +   1036d ago
Indies IMHO are the way to go hey.... because game developers now and days are making games for the masses because it cost so much money to make. Where as indies are making games for gamers, like take torchlight 2 for example i put in like 200 + hours and for me thats really hard to do.
Viper7  +   1036d ago
As a developer I can say it's not just the development costs. Size of the team(s) plays fairly big role on the development of the game.

It's far easier to turn on a lightweight sports car than it's with a 10-ton truck full of people, you can literally make important game design chances on the fly with a small team.

The motivation in such team is often far greater due to impact that all of the team members can make in the development process. In such team even the trainee is able to voice out his opinions and ideas about the game, which might lead to very important Gameplay design changes.
nix  +   1036d ago
such a nice article to read. makes you feel so good.
abzdine  +   1036d ago
Sony respects gamers
What a nice love story!
Arai  +   1036d ago
Great article, very touching story to be honest.
Makes me feel a bit nostalgia really, like in the old days developers were passionate when it came to game making.

This is how it should be...
Dms2012  +   1036d ago
Your no longer "indie" once you have tons of cash backing you up.
joeorc  +   1036d ago
"Your no longer "indie" once you have tons of cash backing you up."

" once you have tons of cash backing you up."

LMAO , Ton's of cash you say..hahahaha Have you ever worked with the PUB fund before?

Really you need to get out more often. LMAO

Ton's of cash, that's rich.....AGAIN FACE PALM LAUGHING

"Speaking on the Pub Fund, Boyes was keen to emphasise how the fund is something more akin to an incentive rather than a publishing deal. “So, we find a developer, we find a project, they pitch it to us, we say, ‘Hey, we like it.’ And then we pay them upon completion, advanced against the royalties.” Although the amount paid upon completion can go up to $500’000, the actual amount can vary significantly. Indeed, Sony takes a rather hands off approach with the Pub Fund, with no deadlines set by the publisher, and no interference for better or worse to speak of. They will, however, work with their developers worldwide to make sure they get things they need, such as dev kits."
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GraveLord  +   1036d ago
This is exactly why I'm a Sony fanboy.
Gerobe  +   1036d ago
"I mean seriously, that was one of the best days of my life. I've been working on this game since I was 14 as you know, but to have it coming to a system with buttons?! They had me at buttons. They're like 'We got buttons!' and I'm like 'Awesome!' and they're like 'We'll give you some money too!' and I'm like 'I don't care! Buttons! Televisions, oh holy shit!'"

I find this quote hilarious!
MariaHelFutura  +   1036d ago
Lol. That's amazing.
jdfgooijsdf   1036d ago | Spam
Picnic  +   1036d ago
Sony don't half play an odd game though.

They start every generation talking about how the graphics will make changes to the emotion in people's faces - then all they tend to have to display this on is games that are kind of similar to the previous generation.

Then they end every generation on a high anyway with a plethora of indie games that they really should have been pushing from the start.

Sony - you do great shooting games - you've taken on Microsoft at that game - but please realise that it's because you're also going to end the generation with the likes of Puppeteer that I continue to buy your consoles.
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Aceluffy  +   1036d ago
We definitely need more refreshing articles like this.

Sony is now on full-force-talent-scouting mode. They know exactly what needs to be done to get unique games on their platform. They're heading on the right path because in the end, it's all about the games. Supporting small independent developer such as Adam can only encourage more developers to really pour their passion and creativity into the games they're making, and in turn, be profitable for all party and satisfying the customers.

Good move Sony. Keep improving our gaming experience

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