Gamzsone V3's Top 20 Games of 2008: 5 to 2

Well, Gamzsone are almost there. Tomorrow is their No. 1 game? Made any guesses yet? It may become obvious to you when they reach No. 2 today.

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Jandre023752d ago

MGS4, GTA4, and Gears2?

Bill Gates3752d ago


tidus0073751d ago

x360 is finished and is being traded in in EUROPE (90% traded for PS3/wii)

Theres no way GEARS 2 is bigger than RESISTANCE 2/KILLZONE 2/LBP or even MOTORSTORM

x360 is finished.

One of KZ2/RESISTANCE 2/LBP could be no 1. However it is still an unfair list considering that both KZ2 and RESISTANCE 2 have over 3 million preorders already ( 2 million in europe alone)

crunchie1013752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

The games so far are:

20 Mario Kart Wii
19 Eight Days
18 Halo Wars
17 Silent Hill V
16 HL2: episode 3
15 Left 4 Dead
14 InFamous
12 Resistence 2
11 MGO
10 Resident Evil 5
9 Portal 2
8 Killzone 2
7 GT5: Prologue
6 Ninja Gaiden 2
5 Motorstorm 2
4 Gears of War 2
3 GTA4
2 MGS4

So, FFXIII? LittleBigPlanet? Too Human? Splinter Cell: Conviction? Far Cry 2? Heavy Rain?

Lord Vader3752d ago

it ain't Too Human, Conviction, or Rain...

sonarus3752d ago

my guess would have to be LBP. FF13 isn't confirmed for 2008, but it is not ruled out either. so it could be ff13. eight days and resident evil 5 are not confirmed for 08 either

crck3751d ago

If so thats my guess. Otherwise LBP.

sonarus3751d ago

yea that could be another guess. fallout could turn out great

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darkwing3752d ago

LBP, FFXIII is not confirmed for 2008

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The story is too old to be commented.