Battlefield 4′s Patrick Bach on platform scalability and PC optimisation -- "People might be divided when it comes to Battlefield 4’s emotional core, but one thing is absolutely certain – the game looked amazingly gorgeous. Joking that my wallet hurt at the mere thought of the PC specs required to run the Battlefield 4 GDC demonstration, DICE’s Patrick Bach laughed."

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dazzrazz1876d ago

Look its the telemetry guy !

nofallouthero1876d ago

PC optimization is good to hear

CaulkSlap1876d ago

DICE definitely does the best job of scaling games. Most developers just cater to the lowest common denominator and don't bother to scale anything up outside basic fidelity settings. But there's only so far you can go before 360/PS3 are holding back the core design of the game. The sooner PS4/Xbox3 are the baseline for development, the better.

IK IR Y IP T1876d ago

Pat is a genius and he is one of the reasons the frostbite engine is so good

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