Unreal Engine 4 not designed to work on Wii U [Update]

Update: Rein spoke with Engadget and clarified his comment from the presentation, noting that it's totally possible to run Unreal Engine 4 games on Wii U. "You heard the stupid gaffe yesterday about the Wii U," he said. "If someone wants to take Unreal Engine 4 and ship a game on Wii U, they can! If they wanna ship an Unreal Engine 4 game on Xbox 360, they could make it happen."

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profgerbik1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Well this just about confirms why I wasn't impressed with the UE4 demos period. There was just something about it that really didn't scream next generation to me, sure it is a slight step up from UE3 but I personally didn't feel it deserved the title UE4.

This seriously has nothing to do with Wii U before some of you jump to conclusions and possibly think I am saying this because he said it can run on the Wii U. I knew it could just based on seeing it in action.

Just saying I wasn't impressed by the PC demo or the PS4 demo and to know it would be able to run on the Xbox 360 is all the more less impressive.

I love UE but seeing these demo's the first thought that seriously came to mind is they are actually behind for once in terms of a graphics engine. So many other engines being shown off lately seem far more impressive to me honestly.

More on the subject of what Rein said, why would he straight up say it couldn't run on the Wii U for the most part but now all the sudden has changed his mind? That I don't get, he made it seem like it just wasn't efficient enough to run UE4 but now is even saying the 360 which is slightly weaker also can?

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KwietStorm1907d ago

Did you see Infiltrator?

Starfox-171907d ago

Listen wait for Retro Studio's GameEngine that is built solely for WiiU and its unique memory intensive design ie huge eDram cache and massive bandwidth ram ect,dont forget the employed ex Naughty dog,Virgil,Crytek staff that are all helping with this Engine i think this Engine will make the biggest impression at E3 2013.

ProjectVulcan1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

UE3 was designed for the existing generation HD consoles, of which Wii U is quite closely matched to.

UE4 is really designed at the top end for next generation technology, like PC and PS4.

Both scale downwards to mobile.

However, so does windows 8. You can run windows 8 on a 10 year old machine designed for windows xp.

But you probably shouldn't...because you'll never get all the enhancements and it will be suboptimal.

In short, software is usually better when it is used on the hardware is was designed for...

lilbroRx1907d ago

That is false. The strength of the Wii U is more or less directly halfway between the PS3 and PS4.

Its a technological generation ahead of the last gen consoles in every category. Its 1 generation behind the PS4 and some of the "presumed" Durango specs.

The increase in power is larger than what people want to give it credit for.

The Wii U's GPU is a little over twice as a capable as the ones in the last gen consoles and the baseline for what the GPU can do is this.

Baka-akaB1907d ago

Only one gen behind is still being behind . Dont misunderstand , i dont care much about that aspect , and the world could do imo without universal prefabricated engines such as UE4 imo (it would sucks for many devs and publishers , but would boster overall creativity) .

But the point still stands , it's a scalable engine , but they dont feel like downgrading themselves for older and one gen behind consoles . It's left up to each publisher

ProjectVulcan1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

I'll let you down gently, but absolutely best case scenario Wii u is twice as fast as PS3 and 360. It's GPU is certainly not more than this in terms of fill rates and it's CPU is no better than what is in said aging consoles. In reality it is maybe 1.5x current consoles.

If Durango has the touted 7670 like then it is at least a little more than twice as fast as Wii U and PS4's 7850 like performance is again at bare minimum 3 times as fast as Wii U. In reality and practice it will be more and I am conservative.

Using a dated tech demo is pointless as a baseline.

There isn't a single game on Wii U presently that offers truly a leap over what has been seen on PS3 and 360. Indeed if the technological gap were as large as you say we would at least see virtually every game with significant res or framerate upgrades despite being ports.

Indeed a dated PC with an 8800GTX in it can offer resolution and/or framerate enhancements over the current consoles that Wii u cannot and does not offer even with supposedly the console platform optimisation advantages so banged on about.

The best case we have seen is a few upgraded textures here and there and a bit better filtering possible mainly because the architecture lends itself to that anyway.

Wii U has the performance edge over the existing consoles but at this rate it'll hardly ever be exploited properly by anyone other than Nintendo because 3rd party devs aren't exactly pouring gazillions into their Wii u investments...

In the end this is the difference and where we will see Wii u fall even further behind the other next gen consoles. The 3rd party investment in technology on the other platforms will push them closer to their maximum potential.

Starfox-171906d ago

Even xbox and ps4 are closely matched to ps3 and 360 powerwise it means nothing wiiu is using a gpgpu design but with tons more cache memory which is very expensive ect and eDram which is very powerful and expensive and is built to push powerful hardware,wiiu cpu and gpgpu on benchmarks will do anything ps4 can do ???

ProjectVulcan1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Wii U's GPU is not hugely faster than Xenos in 360, which is over 7 years old.

According to the various info gleaned it has 320 unified units, 16 TMUs and 8 ROPS @ 550mhz.

In short those specs would show it is SLOWER than a Radeon 4650, less than half the TMUs- it has only 25 percent better pixel and texel fillrates than Xenos. Although the architecture is better elsewhere, it is by itself at most 50 percent faster than Xenos in practice.

It is absolutely nowhere near something like a 7850.

These are totally backed up by the fact that none of the ports thus shown offer anything more than some modified textures and filtering at the same resolutions and frames.

If said ports where converted to PS4's hardware, it would easily end up doubling the resolution and framerates just like that, as a minimum...

Starfox-171905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )


Modified E6760 gpgpu dx11 ect.
Multi-core cpu,1.24 ghz,512 bit,out of order execution,edram cache,ect.
25 GB single layer discs.
Well over 200GB of fast bandwidth ram.
32/64 MB edram.
Multi display support.
Fastest browser on any console or most pc's FACT.
Off TV play.
Multi tasking.

Well i would say its light years ahead of ps3 and 360 tech wise.

Remember ps3/360 have gpu's equivalent to HD3000 series or less ?

Read this it proves wiiu has no limitations end of and with little effort they got the data transfer speed 6x faster with out the use of additional cores ? which proves my point about powerful edram cache ect and how it makes for more power and zero bottlenecks.

ProjectVulcan1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

I can see you need to learn a bit more about technology.

A lot of what you said is meaningless and a bit stupid to be honest. 'Wii U has no limitations'

O RLY???

Comparing generations of graphics cards is also irrelevant. Just because a GPU is older, doesn't make it vastly slower....

Wii U isn't really much faster than Xbox 360 or PS3. Its main advantage is just that it has more RAM. Its GPU is not really more than 25 percent faster in terms of key fillrate stats over Xenos in 360.

'Light years' more advanced is a vast overstatement. If Microsoft were to build a machine like 360 now they would come up with what Wii U has.

It isn't designed to compete with the other next gen consoles on power, I guarantee it won't and it can't.

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N4g_null1907d ago

Great post pref. let me also say yes unreal 4 is an impressive engine from a lighting stand point. Every thing about it screams frostbite, crysis engine now. They all do very similar things now. So the problem is every developer has this power now. What the unreal engine is doing isn't exclusive to unreal4 any more. Some of it almost isn't exclusive to next gem anymore.

Direct x 11.1 and shader model4,5 are just way to easy to use now that even a small developer could make alot of these effects. Yet even epic knows if the hardware isn't already designed to literally turn on effects then you could write a software engine to just that. This is what was done on the ps3 and even on the Xbox 360 with its frame buffer tricks.

You have to understand mark did not make this engine he is not the programmer. Epics programmer has said some pretty terrible things about gpgpu computing due to cost. The wiiu is just that. The ps4 is a gpgpu system yet it is being helped out by the ram and a slightly better card, yet they will not try to push the gpgpu side until 1st party studios push it.

So with that said all engine going forward are going to look great including unity3d. So suddenly power will not be a selling point for engines it will be ease of use.

The problem with the wiiu is you will have to break the bank on optimization and creating code where silicon would have left off. Basically epic does not want to foot the bill for the conversation. I don't blame them actualy. Yet if they want a monopoly are more buyers of their engine they will need a bigger presents on the wiiu.

Imagine if they had the only engine that could port ps4 level graphics to the wiiu, well that is what unity3d is trying to make happen, they will be leveraging the html5, and java code sets in their engine on the wiiu I believe also.

On another note the gpus in these console are laughable compared to what is coming down the pipe for pc gaming. You have to also understand that epic like crytek are pc developer basically. They all sort of look down on all consoles tech wise.

Yet seriously the wiiu depends on what games Nintendo releases the 3rd parties are all doing horrible on the stock market right now. I mean squares president stepped down. Lots of devs and publish are about to be in trouble next gen unless they go back to their roots.

Console gaming is more about the games and the art rather than just the engine otherwise why would I have a wiiu, ps3 and a high end pc? They all are worth owning due to games.

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coolmast3r1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

UE3's for current generation, UE4's for the next. Seems fair.

pompombrum1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

If UE4 can run on Wii U, it's hardly optimal for next gen.


But Mark Rein said that it's possible to make Wii U games with UE4. I'm in complete agreement with you, the ps4 and nextbox specs should make the Wii U almost obselete hardware wise and if the UE4 engine can scale so far as to work with the Wii u, it's either extremely good or more than likely not the best it can be for next gen.

M-M1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

@aiBreeze, I know I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but if it can't run on the Wii U because of hardware limitations, then it makes complete sense and here's why. The Wii U is built like current generation consoles, the PS4 and Microsoft's next generation console's specs(based on rumors) blows any current gen specs and the Wii U's out of the water.

DeadlyFire1907d ago

Frostbite 3, CryEngine 3, and so on work on PS3,X360. Should be able to get UE4 to work on WiiU just fine.

Yes there are hardware limits. It will not look the same. You just scale out different things in the engine for the WiiU to run it at a decent pace. Epic just doesn't want to do that. So they are leaving that up to the developer. Its not impossible, but its not practical if your gutting half of it to run something then UE 3.x would be a better choice.

Game engines are very scalable and get optimized greatly over time. Unreal Engine 3 for instance can work on cell phones, and web browsers now.

jcnba281907d ago

Yeah whatever helps you sleep at night.

quantae061907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

@DeadlyFire CryEngine 3 has already been confirmed to work on the Wii U. Crytek has already said CryEngine 3 runs beautifully on the Wii U. Look it up!

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jcnba281907d ago

Exactly, Wii U is a next gen system. Might not be as powerful as the other two but it's still next gen.

Donnieboi1907d ago

Lol ok whatever u gotta keep telling yourself.

mcstorm1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Jcnba22 it is next gen no matter what people say or how powerful other consoles are as its nintendos next generation console.

Donnieboi how old are you because it sounds like your 1st console was a ps3. Look back in history and you will see there has always been a console on the market with less power than the other. For example look at the psx and N64. Your telling me that because the N64 had more power than the psx that there were not the same games running on both consoles?

Power dose not matter that much when it comes to consoles. As long as the power is more than the last console that was out that's all that matters and you will get games on all 3 consoles one will look better than another but console gamers don't care about this as long as they get the games they want.

If you really want are bothered about how games look your in the wrong group for gaming you need to buy a high end pc as this will always look better than the consoles.

If you don't believe me about console games don't care about graphics the same way pc gamers do look at the top 10 selling games on each of the consoles from each gen.

DivineAssault 1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Duh! Its a nx gen engine.. He actually laughed when asked about it.. That right there should ring a bell to people who think nintendos support will be any better than before.. UE4 is designed to be scaled down to even mobile devices so its possible but devs & pubs dont want to touch the thing.. U cant blame anyone for that except the fans for not buying enough 3rd party games.. A little blame on nintendo for using proprietary hardware when they know the whole "CELL" sony used ended up biting them in the a$$


Translation: "Wait. What do you mean I may have cost us money?"

* Runs out and makes above statement *

Jadedz1907d ago

Once the system is used to its full potential; gamers will see the ''games'' instead of ''specs.''

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