Lara Croft: Most real hero of current-gen

GamesRadar - How Tomb Raider's bloody brutality tells her story better than any cutscene could.

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dedicatedtogamers1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Yeah, most real hero...

*spends 15 minutes struggling to defend herself, and then killing her first person

"Ermagawd, I just killed someone. I feel so ashamed. How could I do that?"

*spends the next 5 minutes slaughtering 20 people in a row like it's nothing.

Irishguy951849d ago

At least it tried I suppose

Brucis1849d ago

It is difficult to integrate story and gameplay together, much less do it well. If you make her a nervous breakdown when trying to kill every enemy early on people would hate it and call it unplayable and say it wasn't fun. If you go the route they did and separate the two then people say that her actions don't match her words.

The main point of a game is to be fun and entertaining, and if they can't do something without making it fun then they shouldn't do it.

Thatguy-3101849d ago

Exactly I can name a few characters that have achieved the "hero" status a lot better. One of them being Jason from Far Cry 3. Think if the skill system were implemented better it would have made a better impact on the whole innocent to killer role.

AsheXII1849d ago

You never played the game and are making stuff up based on N4G headlines. Plus you didnt read this article.

congratulations, you're a moron.

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BrianC62341849d ago

When is going away? Didn't they just get the ax?

Hydralysk1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

I don't agree Lara Croft is more real than every other current-gen character, but it's definitely a huge step up from what I remember of her character from earlier games.

If nothing else this is excellent example of an origin story reboot, and so far it's my favorite game of this year, which is saying something for me as I hated the earlier tomb raider games.

TuxedoMoon1848d ago

I disagree with Tomb Raider (2013) coming and doing all these amazing things for the industry. There have been several females leads after the ps1 version and before Tomb Raider (2013) that were strong and likable women. I don't agree that a character NEEDS to be realistic to be likable and relatable.

Look at Spiderman and Ariel (Little Mermaid). Peter goes through a hellish life, but people like spiderman more than Peter. Both of his personas are also human and the events, as supernatural and weird as they may be, does have some relatable basis that people like. The Litter Mermaid is a mermaid that's a rebelious teen that goes out and does crap, yet people relate to her too.

It's not how realistic a character is that makes them appealing, it's the message they convey and follow. Lara and the other characters are heroes that do good things and are typically independent and strong characters. At the end of the day,those characters save people and do the right thing. THAT is what I think people like about characters, not because they're just "realistic". People find Sonic the hedgehog, Ash Ketchum, and megaman relatable too! It's the message of confidence and strength that people like, not their realistic stuff.

Alis (phantasy Star), Samus Aran, Joana Dark, Shanoa, Bayonetta, Faith, were all pretty pretty relatable and likable IMO. then there are the several female side characters that people love, such as Tifa and Yuna, or Zelda.

Lara Croft isn't the center of the world...

smashcrashbash1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

'While Tomb Raider’s combat model borrows Uncharted’s seat-of-the-pants chaos, it plays it straight for real drama rather than comedy. And where Nathan Drake’s knockabout, surviving-by-the-skin-of-his-t eeth fighting style is often a smoke and mirrors effect embellished by Nolan North’s various yelps and stumbling mocap actions, in Tomb Raider the closeness of well-organised death is a constant, very real threat'

You see this is exactly what Yatzee was talking about.Drake's danger was very real and so was his hurt and his pain but like he said Drake's pain is to laugh at and Lara's own is to be admired. Drake is not a strong gifted guy he is a joke but Lara is a strong gifted woman because she reacts to danger differently then Drake.We have to admire her because she is a woman who overcomes a bunch of men but Drake is just a goofy person who according to people murders people and therefore is a not a nice person and more of a villain despite the fact that he was killing butchers who slaughter people.But blowing the brains out of her tormentors doesn't make Lara a cold blooded murder but instead makes her a person to be admired because she survived.But Drake surviving his ordeals is not impressive because he reacts to it differently.

Drake's near death experiences are not 'real' threats despite him coming close to death tons of times but people are trying to make Lara's ordeal more real when it isn't any closer to reality then Uncharted is.In short Drake being shot, punched, beaten, almost dying from the cold, burned, blasted etc. is a joke while Lara's ordeal is 'real' and to be admired of course conveniently tossing aside how not real it really is.Because Spiderman makes jokes while he fights does that make his situation or danger any less real then Batman's because he faces Venom about to eat his head with a joke rather then say something depressing or anal like Batman does.Her atmosphere was different from Drake's because she was trapped on an island as opposed to him traveling around the world. But she wasn't more real then anyone else ever was.Two heroes are not more real then the other because they react to danger or a situation differently.

It all breaks down to don't sneer at Lara's orgasmic panting, and Nancy Drew/Kim Possible attitude or any laughable dialogue because she is being 'real' but it is okay to constantly point and laugh at Drake crawling through the snow with a hole in his side because he isn't 'real'

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