Misogyny In Game Publishing

Del Angharad from MWEB GameZone takes a hard look at why games with female leads have less than 40% of the marketing budget of games with male leads. Using Remember Me as good central pillar for this discussionm she jumps into sensitive issues like same sex relationships in video games, the role of the lead female protagonist and the perspective of a male dominated publisher domain.

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DesVader1822d ago

Sad that female-lead games get less marketing budget. Tomb Raider is maybe an exception to that though.

HanCilliers1822d ago

Yes TR is, but the problem is that this is the exception

Choc_Salties1822d ago

Yeah but that is because she didn't say much, she first appeared in the late 90's, had huge knockers. Nowadays, we're stuck in formulaic game release schedules, hence why some kickstarter games are getting so much attention because devs are wanting to break from homophobic maxprofit profit types that typically now only go with trusted IP

CustardTrout1822d ago

Damn that pixel porn is good.

WelshPixie1822d ago

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are doing wonders for the game industry. It's about time devs got control of their own games without having to run things through third party publishers that rely themselves on shareholder feedback.