What the hell is Wii U? - Is Nintendo's new console just too confusing?

MMGN: Nintendo is handing out simplified comparison charts at PAX East this week, clearly showing why the Wii U is a worthy improvement over your crummy old Wii.

Is it really just too confusing for the wider public? Would the Wii U have sold stronger numbers if it were called Wii 2?

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PopRocks3591133d ago

Unfortunately it definitely seems that way. Nintendo does need to get better marketing out there. The current campaign has been nothing short of idle and ineffective. My guess is they really expected the Wii brand name to sell the console, which even I'll say is pretty foolish on their part. However I don't think it's an issue that can't be rectified.

iGAM3R-VIII1132d ago

Agreed, I think it that because it isn't called Wii 2 people think there isn't much of a difference. The marketing is pretty dumb considering they trashed the Wii on an ad

PopRocks3591132d ago

Honestly, in my view dropping the Wii moniker would have been a better idea altogether. Look at all the Wii products from the previous generation. Wii is a standard household name that is also not selling a truckload anymore.

Nintendo really should have thought about starting fresh, especially considering that the Wii U's more central direction is pretty different from the Wii's initially casual direction.

Reibooi1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Yeah as PopRocks said they should not have called it Wii anything. I understand why they wanted to and if they insisted then yes it should have been Wii 2 and not Wii U. But they thought the Wii sold a crap ton so lets keep that name and people will buy it but what they forget is the Wii sold well because it was the in thing at the time and with things that like casual consumers will move onto the next thing. Hence the massive sales drop and pretty much no games on the Wii aside from XSEED releasing games Nintendo should have long ago.

In addition Wii U doesn't sound like a console. The Wii had a ton of different add on pieces that had Wii in the title such as the balance board or the motion plus. Without the 2 people that don't know any better likey assumed it was just another add on for a console they don't want or already have and don't use much anymore. Nintendo needed to be more clear.

All that said I will be getting one at some point assuming the games I want don't get cancelled or something unlikely like that. About 5 really good games I want to play will be coming and 5 is good enough for me to pay for the console.

Wenis1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

yeah, not calling it the Wii 2 was such a bad idea. Simply because of what they did with the DS, they had the original DS and then they had the DSi. It was the same console essentially, but with one letter added to the end. Now with the Wii U, they did the same thing by adding 1 letters to the end, except it is a different console, so to the average consumer they probably just think its a Wii with a touchpad controller, just like the DSi was a DS with a camera. I really don't know how Nintendo managed to make what seems like such a big mistake with naming it.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31132d ago

I think it would be confusing to a not-so-intelligent person.

ElectricKaibutsu1131d ago

From the article: "This thing is doing as good a job of selling itself as Google Wave."
Yup, Nintendo needs to figure something out. I can't believe it took them 4 months before they did any advertising that even addressed the issue of no one knowing what the hell a Wii U is. Marketing majors are going to study this failure for years.

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caseh1132d ago

I still can't get past the fact its called a WiiU, sometimes I imagine a conversation between two people who are not that clued up on games consoles:

P1: 'Are you getting a WiiU?'
P2: 'A Wii what? A Wii me?'
P1: 'U!'
P2: 'Me!?'


Reibooi1132d ago

this made my day. very funny.

iGAM3R-VIII1132d ago

lol ima have to stel that joke, bubble for funny tho

decrypt1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Wii U is a controller for Dolphin 2.0 :P

Ck1x1132d ago

Why are so many people knocking this flyer? Its no different than a comparison of features between an IPhone, IPod touch and IPod Nano! Yes there needs to be a clear marketing point from Nintendo on the WiiU, but I don't think this take here is all that bad for the non serious gaming public that may not know the difference.

NastyLeftHook01132d ago

nintendo has amazing franchises.

Gamer-401132d ago

What the hell is Wii U?
It is a console. Not too complex.

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